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who knows examples for figures of speech but they have to be about summer!?

i need examples for: alliteration, literal, metaphor, Cliche, figurative, overstatement, oxymoron, flashback, irony, idiom, understatement, synonyms, personification, foreshadowing, and paradox! plzz helpp mee!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Why she been so hot half the corn in the county popped, And the bank shut down. Only way we had any sleep is to run the dogs out from under the house and sleep in there holes, and all we been eating is soup seeing as the pump water comes up a boiling,.> Why that black ground of ours is baked so hot, that the children have to walk a extra 3 miles across that stretch of white sand just to get to the school, > Why you should of seen the fire last night. Seems the black top melted and a steak of heat lightning hit it. Burt 30 miles of road right down to the dirt.> But it would not be so bad in the day if all the water down in the river were not to steaming. Seems the humidity here is at 110%. And that was on the cool day we had. > Why just yesterday, Franks watermelon patch. Well his Mellon's took to explode en. And the Sheriff call out the national guard.> But things are sure to get better now. Grand paw was listening to that Orwell fellow on the radio today and he called for a hard frost tonight. Why Sister Sally it must be a blessing to live there in city with that Electric stuff and have a fan to set under all day? Is it not?

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