If you could change one thing about the WWE, what would it be? + YWSE Final Farewell show match card!?

Excuse me! I SAID EXCUSE ME!!!

Click the link below to see the history making card for YWSE's Final Farewell show!


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Be sure to watch the video in it's entirety to see the entire card! You can can also view the card by visiting the official youtube channel of the YWSE. It can also be viewed on the YWSE Official website!

We are well aware that there are certain people who are in more than one match. If you are one of those people, you can simply promo for BOTH matches. Also, after the results are posted this Sunday, we will be having a big meet up in the YWSE chat on the Official website of the YWSE. ALL YWSE Superstars and Knockouts past and present are invited! We hope to see you all there!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    "At last! The time has come...After months of grueling anticipation the day has dawned upon us! The final day in YWSE's long and eventful history. A sad day, it will be...Perhaps some would even consider it to be tragic.However, in the midst of this tragedy, the chosen ones will rise, and ascend to take their spots in YWSE history. And ladies and gentlemen..I AM THE CHOSEN ONE! For the past year, ever since I joined YWSE, I have broken my back, shed tears with those I love, shared blood with those I hate, and have willingly taken years off of my career and of my life for this company! There were many dark times in my career, yet, throughout all the darkness there was always one bright spot in my life...A bright spot that on the day of reckoning that approaches...Will spark an illumination so great, that it will blind all those that lay eyes upon it...And that one bright spot is the reflection of the YWSE World Heavyweight Title as I hold it thunderously in the air, and with a force stronger than the hammer of the mighty Thor, I will CRUSH all those who stand in my way!

    WBHF...Regardless of what may occur between us on this day, I have gained a massive amount of respect for you. You have earned your spot in this company and deserve to be where you are. However, you are also an obstacle standing in the middle of my path to Immortality..And when we collide in that ring, all respect that I have for you will have diminished..And like all my enemies before you, you...WBHF, will be cast away into the gates of hell, and the TRUE champion will take his throne! Speaking of "champions"..Rated R Jericholic is also in this match. RRJ and I started our journies in this company around the same time, and also happen to be from the same hometown...Yet, the inexplicable difference between us is our honor. You, RRJ, have complained time and time again about YOUR failures, and refuse to simply shut your mouth. While the YWSE World Title is my primary objective, it would be an excellent going away present to finally end your constant complaining and finally rid YWSE of scum like you.The DX-MOD Saga is one that helped shape YWSE's history, but only a memory that's long forgotten.Yet you still live in the past. THE TIME IS NOW! And this time, nobody is around to keeps us from killing eachother.We've been at eachother's throats for the past year, and it is finally time to end this once and for all!...Well gentlemen, at YWSE's Final Farewell...I expect you to hold absolutely NOTHING back....And I wouldn't have it any other way...

    A clash of the titans approaches, and the only the true Wrestling Gods will survive this day..And on this day, a TRUE CHAMPION WILL ARISE! The Deadman...Has Spoken.."


  • Joan
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    4 years ago

    I just want to say thank you for this e-fed. I would have NEVER thought I could get so emotional about the end of something like this, but I really am. It feels almost as though an era were ending, and I know that the Yahoo Answers Wrestling Section will NEVER be the same. I wasn't the most consistent member of the YWSE, and there were times when I would retire and then make returns, times when I joined other e-fed promotions, and times when I just didn't care, but YWSE is my home. It always will be. I made a lot of friends and enjoyed the random nights of staying up all night in the chatroom acting like silly, immature kids. It was fun and I feel like I've known most of you for years. We all have one amazing thing in common - We love wrestling. Whether we watch the WWE or TNA, Shimmer or ROH, or whatever else, we love it - it's our passion. Some of us wanted to be real-life wrestlers, some of us wanted to be creative writers, and some of us just loved watching. Either way, it's almost as though we became family. There's way too many people to thank and I don't want to leave anyone out, so if you were in the YWSE, thank you. I'm gonna miss y'all and I'm gonna miss this business. For the last time, JamieRKO has left the building.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Promo: Ladies and Gentleman. Boys and Girls. Cats and Dogs. Charlie and Shayan. Tonight YWSE returns for one last show! For one night YWSE legends and rookies, champions and contenders, men and women will join to give this compant the proper farewell it deserves. Tonight we put on one last show to remember YWSE's legacy.

    On the final show I will be competing for the X-Division title. Ive battled with Charlie many times for it but ive never been successful. I almost wanted to give up. I didnt know what to do. So I started training. Ive acquired new skills and I'm not the same man I was a few months ago. Im stronger, quicker and more determined now. Charlie I have great respect for you as a wrestler and as a person and I'm glad that my final match in this company is going to be against you. But sadly Charlie. You wont be walking out of the final show with that title around your waist. Ive never won a championship here and I plan to win my first one tonight.

    Now onto my other opponent Shayan. I remember when I first debuted here he thought I was nothing more than a rookie. Which I was. But I've changed Shayan. Im different now. And unlike then I can back up what I say. Ill prove that to you when I whoop your *** all over the ring.

    So this is it. YWSE is no more. What will I do now? I dont know? But what I do know is that whatever ill do, ill be doing it as YWSE's last X-DIVISION CHAMPION! Ahh that sounds so nice. The Edgeucator, your YWSE X-Division Champion!

    Id like to thank everyone here in YWSE for all the great times. To all my fellow wrestlers good luck in the future. I hope to see you again. And finally thank you to Darien for all he's done. You were a great YWSE owner and ill be sure to bring back the X-Division title back home to Canada.

    Dont be sad because it's over. Smile because it happened. Thank you all.

    Source(s): Yeah so my homies. This sucks. YWSE is done. Good luck and whatnot and ill see you all at our reunion chat thingy. Cam is super awesome beast - My promo does not suck shit it is very pro
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm not going to stand here, go down the list of woman, and mention something about each one. That is so played out and so yesterday. I wasn't in YWSE that long before it ended; so I never got the opportunity to make many friend or make a singles impact. I knew that Serena and Myself were going to do good in the company. We were an actual tag-team, specializing in tag-teams, and we had been teaming for such a long time. Winning the Woman's Tag-Team Championships was the cherry at the top of the cake. But I still felt like something was missing. I never got my chance at singles glory in a federation I knew that I would be successful in. Of course, as you may know, I was attacked by a mad woman with a blunt object and I was never ever to make the impact I wanted to, before the company...died.

    Tonight I get my chance. I've been battling long and hard for the past few months in YWWA; but to no avail. Like I said, because I never had the opportunity to make friends, I don't get the "votes" that I need to even be a convincing contender. I fall short every time, even though I fight my butt off! It's sooo frustrating! I love, love, love that I am competing in an Elimination Chamber match tonight. It's the first Elimination Chamber match involving woman and I am ready and willing to put my body on the line to make history! I can let out all of my frustration on these ladies, and be as hardcore as I know I can me. Hell, I'll make Amie's little shovel look like a rattle in the hands of a chubby British baby. Amie, in YWWA you may have my number; but I know that I will prove so much more of myself in a YWSE ring; especially the elimination chamber.

    I'm ready to make history ladies. One way or another, one of us will walk out the final YWSE Knockouts Champion! The question is, who is really ready for this? I know I am.

    Source(s): OOC: I just want to thank Darien for giving me a shot in YWSE. I had the time of my life. :)
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  • 9 years ago

    Oh Wowwie~

    Never Thought This Day Would Come *tears*

    Well, I Sincerely Apologize For The Un-Epicness Of My Promo.. Its Been A While Since I've Promo-ed *does multiple 90 degree bows* heh heh heh... Soo... Yeah Here I GOOO~~~


    **I'm Seen Making My Way In To The Arena**

    Lauren-*panting* DXL! DXL! Over Here!

    DX_Lover-Me?*points to myself*

    Lauren-Yes You! We Need An Interview Pronto!

    DX_Lover-Ohh~ *walks over to Lauren* Whats Poppin?

    Lauren-Please Don't Hurt Me!

    DX_Lover-What? Why Would I Hurt Someone Like You?

    Lauren-You Don't Remember All Those Months? Of Bullying Me AND Other Interviewers?*Thinks To Herself* Gee, All Those Days of Wrestling Has Caught Up To Her And Her Head...

    DX_Lover-Oh... That, Well... People Can Change Over A Long Period Of Time... So What Do You Need? I'm Kinda Late Right Now...

    Lauren-Oh, Well Anyway. I Need Your Thoughts About Your Match!

    DX_Lover-What Match? I Came To WATCH The Farewell Show... What The Fudge-Cupcakes Are You Talking About?

    Lauren-You're Putting You're Women's Championship On The Line Tonight In A Battle Royal Against Emily, Serena, Madison, Edgehead, and Aries. What Are You're Thoughts About This?

    DX_Lover-Oh Wow.. Thats PRETTY Epic! You Know The Drill Lauren. Well, First Off, I Have To Say, Its An Honor To Be Part Of YWSE’s Farewell Match! Now, Let's Go Down The List Shall Weeee?

    Emily:She Put On A Pretty Awesome Rivalry With Not Only Me, But With Everyone Else She's Fought. She Is One Heck Of A Fighter Too. So Better Keep My Eye Out For Her If I Want To Remain Women’s Champ, Right?

    Serena:Ohh~ Little Serena. Wasn’t She One Of The Newer Knock-Outs? It’s a Shame That She Didn’t Come This Company Earlier… Well Anyway! I’ve Monitored Some Of Her Matches, And They’re Preeety Good. So I’m Definitely Not Gonna Go Easy On Her~ She Is One Jumpy Jellybean. Jumping Off Of The Ropes And Uhm.. Miscellaneous Objects.. And What Not… Well Anyway~

    Madison:Oh Wow.. Where To Start “Smack Talking” About Her… Well, Correct Me If I’m Wrong, But She Was The FIRST Ever Women’s Champ, Right? So I’m NOT Gonna Let Her Be The Last One. (Though That Would Be Pretty Awesome If The Outcome Was That…) She’s Been Hiatus For A While Now, Some I’m Gonna Take Advantage Of That And Show Her What Me, DX_Lover , Is Made Of. I Could See It Now, Us Two being The Last One’s Standing. Past Meets The Future. Amazing, Right?

    Edgehead-I’ve Been In The Ring With Her A Couple Of Times… I Can’t Say She Was The Hardest Person, Nor Could I Say She Was The Easiest… I Mean That Spear Of Her’s Could Really Give Someone Bruised Ribs… Ehh… Now I Wouldn’t Want That To Happen..

    And Last But Definitely Not The Least, Aries. Former Alli. Now One Of My Last Opponents. Hmm, I’ll Keep It Short And Say, The Goddess Generation Run Was Pretty Unforgettable…

    Lauren-*strokes her chin* Well Put Well Put… Any Last Minute Notes Before You Head Back To The Locker Room For Your Match?

    DX_Lover-Hmmm *thinks* So To Put The Promo Short, I Will Arrive As Women’s Champion And Leave As Women's Champion.. Okay? *begins to leave*

    Lauren-That’s It?

    DX_Lover-Yeah, Well… *looks to the camera* Are You Ready?

    **Crowed Goes Wild**


    DX_Lover-*leans closer to the camera*Cuz If your Not Down With That I Got… Two.. Words…For Ya!!!

    Lauren-Uhh, DXL, That’s A Bit Close To The Camera.

    DX_Lover-Huh? Oh Sorry, Where Were We? Oh Yeah SUPPPAAA Kiiiiiiiiccccck~ BAM! Right In The Kisser!

    Lauren-Of Course! *turns to DX_Lover* Good Luck Tonight! Fighting~ *fist pumps*

    DX_Lover-Uhh, Yeah Sure.. *leaves*

    Lauren-*thinks to herself* I Thought We Were Neutral..

    ****End Promo****


    Oh Yeah, Big Sorry's For Promoing So Late


    Congrats To The YWSE Crew and YWSE For Probably Being One Of, The The Most Successful E-Feds To Step Into Yahoo Answers! I Wish Everyone The Best In Their Future Endeavors!!

    Good Bye ... For Now..

    Source(s): WQ: To Be Honest, I Stopped Watching A Few Months Ago, Soo I'll Leave This Question Un-Answered...
  • Promo:

    Well, well, well. While Mark McGuire wouldn't have settled for anything less than 70, i', always happy to be stuck at 69. It is I, hotter than Tabasco sauce, but loads easier to swallow, the quintessential stud muffin, a good god damn handsome man, and the man who's got more game, than parker brothers, Charlie, i'm young, i'm hung, and i'm skilled with my tongue, Scene.

    At the final show, I walk in as the X Division champion. The greatest X Division champion to have ever lived. And wether or not you agree, there is no denying that I was always a fighting champion. I will walk in as the last X DIvision champion, and I will walk out, last X Division champion. Edgecuator, last time I faced you, you were a pathetic rookie. Looking to make a name for yourself. But sadly for you, YWSE closed before you had the chance. But now that it's back, I expect you to be hungrier than ever to take the title from me. Well you know what Edgecuator, I want you to come and try I am begging you to try and take a shot at me and I will beat your *** so bad, you aren't gonna be able to walk for a year. Edgecuator, all you are to me is a gutless little *****. That's all you ever were and that's all you will ever be. At the final show, August 22nd, I am going to make sure everyone knows just exactly how ruthless I am.

    Theres a few things you people need to learn. One is that I am better than you. And two, if you have a name like Shayan, and you step into the ring with me, you had better have an ambulance waiting. Shayan, you know you are absolutely pathetic. Not only because your name is Shayan, and you haven't decided if you are a boy or a girl, or if you like boys or girls for that matter, but it's the fact that even after you have been in YWSE for so long you have been able to do absolutely nothing. The way I was moving, I could have been a world champion. I mean, I won the United States title on iMPACT, then on my FIRST match on Smackdown, I won the X Division Title. And you know for a fact I am a better champion than you ever were, or could ever be.

    And well, well, well, I always win the bedroom battle, I kick it like a cowboy, I slaughter them like cattle, and a stud muffin never kisses and tells, so I would never tattle, but your mom does pretty crazy things, with a pacifier, and a rattle. Because i'm not just her baby sitter, i'm her power hitter, the quintessential stud muffin, the lyrical miracle, and the sexual intellectual. Charlie, every womans infatuation, across the whole entire nation, they like the pulsation, but they love the penetration. And I can sense your frustration, since all you get is masturbation. You can use your imagination, or I can give you a demonstration! Scene.

  • 9 years ago

    First off, that YouTube link is awesome. I don't know what the name of that song is, (please tell me.) but I loooove it. Having said that, if I could change one thing about the WWE, I would change the Women's Divison. Right now, WWE is putting out "auditions" in New York, Chicago, etc. for "beautiful women who want a chance at fame." They don't have to have ANY prior wrestling experience. Basically, it's another Diva's Search. What pisses me off is that if they want new talent, they should be looking at places like Shimmer or throughout the rest of the indies, where women have been struggling for years, earning $20 or less a match, desperate to make their name heard. Instead, WWE continues to blow off the Women's Division as if they don't deserve to be there. Throw out the talentless girls like Kelly Kelly and bring in someone who knows what the hell they're doing.

    Now, promo time.

    (All promos are kayfabe.)

    --Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the most bittersweet night of my life. Tonight marks the end of an era. YWSE has been no doubt the greatest e-fed to ever exist. It's provided each and every one of us the opportunity to make new friends, gather a name for ourselves, and of course, win titles. Over the course of the past few years, many others have tried to create their own e-feds. We may be copied, but we will never be replaced. I've made friends, I've made enemies. I've won titles and blew the house down with some of my matches. Tonight, it's the Final Farewell, and quite honestly, I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye..

    Having said that, I still have some business to take care of. Tonight, I have my final title match. Many of you girls have claimed that I don't deserve it, that I am nothing more than an old legend trying to recapture fifteen more seconds of fame. You say that by cashing in my briefcase, I was getting a "quick fix" - a victory that shouldn't even count.

    Well, you can say what you want. You can whine and cry all day long, but the fact of the matter is this: I am the YWSE Knockout's Champion. I am a legend of legends, and tonight at the Elimination Chamber, I will walk out STILL the Knockout's Champion. They say that Wrestlemania is the be all, end all of your career. Well, I say that tonight. Tonight, we have the chance to tear the house down. Tonight, we have the chance to prove to everyone that we are IT. We have bled, cried, sweated, and proven ourselves day in and day out, and we will NEVER be replaced. Girls, tonight, I'm going to walk out with my title still around my waist. But more importantly, we will all walk out as legends.

  • 9 years ago


    *Fabian is seen walking out of his vintage Ford Mustang. Press is seen taking pictures.*

    Interviewer (Kent): "Ok YWSE fans we are here at the arrival of ex-Extreme Champion, Fabian Phenom.

    We will see if we can get a few questions before the match"

    *Camera Pans to FP*

    Fabian: "I usually would start off this interview with an insult but of course this is the last YWSE show of all time, I'll Just let it slide."

    Interviewer: "Ok then, Well let's start with the interview, shall we. Are you nervous for your title match tonight? You are facing three of the most respected wrestlers in YWSE today."

    Fabian: "Well Kent, I wouldn't give a f*ck. You see I am not nervous for I know that I will leave as YWSE Extreme Champion tonight. You do realize that I have one of the best reigns of all Extreme champions. Matt and E&C, not a threat. My biggest grudge goes to Fallen Diablo. Ever since he "beat" me for MY rightful title, I have promised to overturn his fluke win, and I will do so tonight. With whatever it takes: Tables, Ladders, Chairs, Thumbtacks, the list can go on."

    Interviewer: "So, are there any thoughts on your time here in YWSE?"

    Fabian: "Well, for the past year that I've been here, it has been a trip. I've meet very cool people, done cool things, and just really showed what I'm made of."

    *Fabian's theme (Doe Deer - Crystal Castles) Plays*

    Fabian: "Well I've got to go."

    *Promo ends*

    The following isn't kayfabe:

    For the past year, i really felt the i never accomplished anything, and as silly as this may seem, In YWSE I really felt like I was good at something. Ive meet really cool people, who I still hope will contact me. Thanks YWSE, for all of the memories.

    By the way, I still never got the roast I always wanted.

  • 9 years ago

    OOC: Sorry aboout the late promo but I just re-enlisted in the service and had another baby so my time as been kind of consumed.


    Pope is seeing all of the YWSE telling their stories and giving their thanks to this great business and company for getting them started so Pope's going to tell a lil story too. See when Pope was just a "rookie" he stumbled into this lil thing called YWSE. Pope was so excited to be in the big leagues and show what I could do because Pope knows just how good he his. Pope broke into the business in a little stable called Evolution, maybe you've heard of it. The most dominant stable in the history of the YWSE consisting of some of the greatest wrestlers in the business. Pope got a tatse of his first gold while in Evolution winning the first of 2 Intercontinental titles in YWSE. This is the part where I'm supposed to thank all of you and my compadres in Evolution right? WRONG! I didn't need Evolution and I don't need any of you. Evolution didn't make me a world champion and niether did any of you people. All Evolution did was hold me down especially that damn KOK. Pope is one of the all time greats in this business so to think Pope needs anyone watching his back is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. I've become a star all over this industry and what have the they done. Retire and drift into the shadows like nothings. Is that really the stuff that legends are made of? Is that what you want to see out of 2 hall of famers? I'm the only member of Evolution that even should have been thought about being considered for the hall of fame. Who else you know that can take 5 months off, come back and still be in the best shape of his life competing for championships. I am the greatest YWSE superstar of all time and it's going to be proven when you hear "The winner of the match and STILL YOUR YWSE CHAMPION, THE POPE!" and it's the last thing you disgusting people will hear as I walk out the last ever YWSE Champion. Because I am a living, breathing modern marvel and I AM AMAZING!

    OOC: All of this is kayfabe. I want to thank all of you for all the great times and all the great friends I've made. I especially want to thank KOK and TLC for bringing me in and showing me the ropes. And I also want to thank Darien Dumas for always being there and having my back even with things outside of the YWSE realm. I hope all of you lead great lives and I hope you keep in touch. I love all you guys!

    Source(s): Pope Has Spoken.™ You've just been Culture Shocked.™
  • 9 years ago

    PR0M0: I would just like to take a moment and say it's been quite a dandy getting to know all of you. It's been really fun, and a pleasure. I have tremendous respect for every single man and woman that's going to wrestle tonight. We've shared some pretty awesome memories... and it's sad to see it all come to an end tonight.

    But tonight is not a night for lounging around and rehashing memories. Tonight is about going out there and proving that I am the best knockout this franchise has ever seen. DX Lover, you may be the champion... but I am and always have been the best. That being said I expect nothing lesser of myself then to come out and end this thing with a championship. Go out on a high note, just like a great champion would.

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