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what to do with my degree?

I recently graduated with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and have been applying for jobs in this field since May to no avail. One day, while doing some research, I came across the field of network security engineering, and found a lot of cross over with EE, and job prospects looked better than EE as well. This field fascinated me, as I have always been interested in wireless networks, TCP/IP protocols, etc. Now, I am currently taking classes to get certified in A+, Network+, and plan to do more certs later after I start working. My question is, do you guys think getting certified is worth it, because I have no work experience in the IT field, veen though I do have a good degree? Will these certs help me get an IT-related job or internship? Or should I just continue sitting at home and hoping an EE job opens up one day.....

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  • Lung
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    10 years ago
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    Getting certified is worth it, however and I say this to people not double E but the tests can be rough, they are making them adaptive, meaning they find your weaknesses and keep hammering you until you get it wrong. However CISCO, is the network industry leader. An A+ is great because it shows you know the hardware side of thing. Recently, the new A+ exam was changed and now they ask CISCO type questions a little about TCP/IP protocols and even cisco specific questions.

    One other thing there are Network security classes take at least one of those. Here in the states we have less expensive colleges/university for adults called community colleges. Teenagers go to high school or a trade school first. A community college gives access to the first 2yrs of University meaning Freshman, and Sophomore, then your junior and senior years are at a traditional University. Yip in America you pay for your own education. Unless you are extremely smart and get a scholarship.

    Having a degree is always a plus. Do you like to program I know a couple EE that went into programming one guy wrote actual printer drivers for his Amiga (for those that don't know an Amiga was an early computer and this was before print drivers existed circa 1989) Yip folks, my friend is old and in the IT biz a long time.

    Now, your bachelors degree is great, however you will still have to start out entry level meaning network tech or maybe even hardware tech until you work your way up. Having a degree means you will get promoted. Right now you need work experience, that's why the companies looking for double E's won't touch you (No work experience)

    That's always the issue isn't it no work experience, but without a job how are you supposed to get work experience. Simple, go back to your university/college and see if you can get into there networking or at least computer department. Create several networks at home, just don't bother with token (its stupid and wrong and that's all I will say)

    Basically, get some old computers (desktops are perfect) some cat 5 (doesn't have to be e) and a switch or router. In addition, look into having 1 computer be a pretend server have it hold all the shared files, also be the only computer hooked up to the printer (print server). Use either Unix or server2003 as the OS. Also, setup a wireless network many places are doing that learn about routing by the mac address (MAC address stands for MEDIA ACCESS not MACINTOSH) anyway wasn't yelling for you but to everyone else reading this and asking the question that has been asked too many times. (Learn how to make the network more secure, now remember that there isn't a completely secure wireless network because you are transmitting data through the air, where anyone can read it). Anyway prove you know what you are doing, now like I said since you have an EE this helps a lot, because nothing is tougher academically then an EE, except for an Electrical Engineering PHD, one of my friends said after 10yrs his buddy still didn't have it. (Yip, I think they don't exist)

    If all else fails volunteer first and get the experience. You didn't say how you were taking the classes are they through a boot-camp or other fast experience. If they are then you won't have the support staff that comes with a traditional 16 week style course taken from a college/university because they would have opening for tech staff, job placement and industry contacts.

    Look beyond the computer industry look to health-care, libraries, non-profits, charities, banks etc. Any place there are computers there are networks. Health care and banks/financial institutions will want experience, but they may have lower level network tech jobs, then you can rise up and be a network engineer. Again volunteering is great and shows as work experience, if you only get the minimum wage its a wage and better than nothing.

    Good luck, let people know you want a job and especially if you are volunteering people will take notice. I have yet to meet a stupid EE, crazy, and just plain wacko yes, but stupid no. Also, met rude ones so stay nice and pleasant and the world is your oyster.

    At any rate go back to your university is my best advice because that's what I did. Also, working for nothing and below your educational status builds character.

    Again Good luck and most important have fun, with computers or you will hate them.

    Source(s): 3 degrees in IT (2 in networking and 1 in Information Technology) and I work for my college/university computer department.
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  • 10 years ago

    Good grief people are always looking for engineers. Get hired and have the company pay for any certifications. If you cant find a job as an engineer it is time to take a look at your resume and your interviewing skills. Go to the library and check out a book on resumes and interviewing. Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hi Berkeley,

    get in touch with som eof the big players in the IT-marked.

    Let them come up with some ideas for your career.

    Just aks the rigt way, and you will put yourself in a job with these qualifications.

    1. Phone 20 IT-companies, and ask for career advice.

    2. Tell your profile

    3. Let them advice you for further "jobhunting"

    One of these companies, have an open position. Im totally sure.

    good luck, LASSe

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  • 10 years ago

    Have a look at Cisco or Mitel Courses as here in the UK you need one of them to get into IT wireless network employment

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