My 1 year old son never gets full...?

He is quite over-weight.. 28.6 lbs and 29 inches tall. Maybe 30 inches now.

Anyways.. He is not a picky eater, he will eat literally anything, even if he doesn't like it and makes faces. I have never seen him quit drinking a sippy cup or bottle before it was gone and as long as there is food in front of him, he will eat it. He seems like he never gets full. I am worried there might be a problem. He had acid reflux as a baby, I'm wondering if he still does or if that contributed to this. Is it normal for toddlers to eat and eat or should I control it now? I remember being told "If he's hungry, let him eat." I don't want him to be over-weight his whole life because of me. He eats healthy foods. 100% whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, non-fat cheese, etc. We are on a healthy diet, minus his whole milk. Since being on milk, he had gained 2 more lbs. He runs around like a mad man, too and still isn't stopping the weight gain.. Any advice would be wonderful. Not sure if this is pediatrician worthy or not.


I do give him juice, no sugar added and mix it with mostly with water. He will drink water from a bottle, but refuses to drink plain water from a sippy cup and we're trying to get off the bottle.

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    My son was the same way at a year. He would eat whatever you put in front of him and then ask for more. He is 19 now, six foot three and 185 pounds. As long as he is getting enough exercise and healthy foods you have nothing to worry about. When he isn't growing as much he won't be as hungry. That will probably happen in the next few months. Just remember that when he starts refusing to eat as much.

  • Hello, I saw the the title of your question and before clicking on it, reflux came straight into my mind.

    Your son sounds the exact same way as my 19mth old boy. Fionn has severe acid reflux & colic as a baby & was on meds for it. When a baby has reflux, they either refuse to drink milk or want to drink constantly. My son was the latter. In my experience it does contribute to their eating habits later on, my boy was so obsessed with the bottle he screamed and screamed and would drink until he spat it up, when I started him on solids it became much more manageable, but my son still scoffs & begs for food nearly all the time. It's like he has no full signal. he would eat until is was sick, that's where I have to control it.Does your son eat fast? He also is a bad chewer due to him scoffing so I still can't give him biscuits or crackers, I really hope it calms down when it comes to the time he is invited to parties!

    We have out fridge blocked off aswell because he can open it and help himself. Boredom is a major factor too, get him out of the house for a bit more and keep up with the healthy snacks.

    Source(s): Mum of a 19mth old boy/reflux/colic
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    Do you give him any juice? If you do, just switch to water. Go run and play outside with him even more than you are now and see if that helps things from getting bad :)


    try putting a bit of fruit in the water, or maybe even a slice of cucumber? If he won't take home made "naturally flavored" water, dilute the juice down as far as he'll take it- even if there is no added sugar, it's still sugar which he doesn't need that much of :)

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    I am sure you have nothing to worry about as far as his weight goes, my little one was also over weight for the first year of his life, would eat anything just like yours, just stick to the healthy foods and encourage him to play as much as possible to avoid eating so much, also probably wouldn't hurt to put water in his sippy cup instead of milk once in a while, definatly not fattening and will fill him up just as well.... hope this helps :)

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    I can happily reassure you that your son is not overweight. He has a Body Mass Index score of 23.8, and that is well within the average for his age and height. He may appear overweight, but just to be on the safe side I would suggest a pediatrician check anyhow.

    Source(s): Reference from PICU Tools Version 5, (C) Dr Michael J Verive, MD.
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    Milk is recommended because of the Vita-D and calcium, which Orange Juice easily supplements for and is less fattening.

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    9 years ago

    could it be boredom eating? my son eats lots more food when his bored but when his out playing he won't even stop for lunch

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