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my friend is 14 and hasnt had her period at all.?

okay so she's 14. she masterbates probably 1-2 times a day. and she hasnt had her period at all. is that bad. does masterbating slow down your period from coming?

please answer..

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    well I started my period at a early age but my mom started when she was 17.

    So this is not bad one bit. Tell her no worries and Master bating does not affect your period.

    Happy Friday!!

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    Your friend tells you how much she masturbates? -___-

    YOU will get your period soon enough, don't worry about being "normal", you'll be glad you got it later in life. I got it when i was 16 and all but one of my friends had had their's for years. You're only 14, talk to your doctor if you dn't get it at 18.

    And masturbating would in no way slow down your period. Nothing can decide when your body starts; it just does..

    Good luck, and don't worry. I and plenty of others were late bloomers aswell. <3 :)

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    It's normal, sometimes it takes people longer to have their period. It's different times for different people. It can take up to 16 even!

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    no, masturbating does not slow down puberty-believe me, if it did, then no girl would get her period-ha ha-sorry i am always horny! anyway, i had a friend who didn't get hers until she was 16! i got mine when i was 13. every woman is different.

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    no it has nothing to do with getting your period

    all girls are different when it comes to getting their periods

    I was a late bloomer & many other are too

    your friend is normal & will get it one day

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