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"j" Sound in Russian?

Does it exist? Or which letters do you use to make that sound?? (please show Russian symbols is possible)

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    The nearest you can get - the conventional transliteration for English "j" into Russian - is "дж" (dzh).

    д is pronounced "d", and ж is pronounced "zh" (like the "zh" in Zhivago, or the "s" in "measure").

    "Jack Jones", for instance, would be "Джек Джонс".

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    the sound "j" in Russian is pronounced "y" in English. as in "yacht". the letter which corresponds to the sound "j" is Й. for example "iodine" in Russian would be йод (yot). in this case, the letter "д" is voiceless.

    Source(s): native. i'm afraid the above answerers didn't get what you meant.
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    Just check Russian Phonology in wikipedia page.

    I am sure you will the answer there

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