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Religiously speaking, should Ethan and I have a baby?

I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant with my imaginary firstborns (twins) who were conceived by imaginary immaculate conception and their father is a filthy rich pro-football player I happened to be in love with, but I want to have Ethan's babies now.

How can I make this babies originally his? Should I go back in time or wait until they're born and become knocked up again?


Also... do you mind? *asks very nicely* didn't post:;_ylt=Ag7nC...

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    I can't Princess. You know Cassie wouldn't appreciate our love-child.

    But I know Cassie is a very reasonable person, and is open to the prospect of threesomes. So if we have a threesome, and I "accidentally" slip and make you pregnant, I don't think that would be so bad.

    But if you don't feel comfortable with sex, you know where my bedroom is, and you'd only just have to bring along your turkey baster.

  • I have a great idea... just add an imaginary triplet!

    Yes... I said it... you are now officially pregnant with Ethans imaginary baby AND the Tim twins. I mean... really, who would want to be knocked up (even imaginary) for 18 months. It's just too much to ask of you.

  • Remember the who would be the R&S Octomom question a wee while back?

    If you take up UP's excellent suggestion as your methodology, you could have your own litter in a matter of months. Given the fertility of your imagination, that should be quite simple. I'll volunteer to imaginarily help you raise them. I imagine you'll be able to find plenty of others as well, like a certain Aunt and Uncle. UP and Gandalf would be brilliant imaginary grandparents too.

    Yes, you'll need to have more than two to go around...

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    <sigh> I am so tired of having to answer this question. For the last time, here it is...

    What you need is to obtain a temporal anomaly permit for your uterus which will allow just your ladyparts stuff (not all of you - you're not going to be allowed to actually go back and consummate this in person with Ethan in the usual squeak-the-springs way) to go back in time and obtain Ethan's Lovegunk™ to impregnitate your bodacious self and then return your precious privates to the present time where you'll be 7 weeks up the creek but this time with Ethan's paddle instead of Timmy's. I can't believe I'm still giving all this advice away for free.

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    Well, that's the miracle of imaginary immaculate conception, you can actually change the father whenever you want.


    What you can do is start a whole new imaginary pregnancy right in the middle of this one.

    Source(s): hope that helps ♥
  • I see what you did there....

  • 9 years ago

    Of course. Having a baby is a wonderful thing. Go for it :)


  • 9 years ago

    Can you tell me what drugs you are on. They sound great!

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    can I have your purity ring

  • 9 years ago


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