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Why are people in Delhi such big cheats?

Im from Mumbai and I was in Delhi for 5 days..

I traveled by metro with my mother and sister from Qutub Minar to Sultanpur which costs 16rs per person. We were charged 84 rs instead of 48! And of course we didnt know anything about it, we just paid!

The next day, we went to the same location with the family we were staying with, We were 7 of us, and we were charged 112rs and they also gave us a billed receipt. Which is correct. Immediately, my mum and me realised we were cheated the previous day. On our way back we saw the same guy who cheated us the previous day and he tried to cheat us again by charging 10rs extra but we caught him and filed a complaint.

Then one day we went towards Chandni Chowk, and took 2 cycle rickshaws. They both agreed for 15rs but when we reached towards Jama Masjid they argued and demanded 20rs each.

We traveled (my dad and me) from Central Secretariat to Mehrauli by auto rickshaw and the kms showed 13. My mother and sister went in the previous one and they paid 90rs whereas our guy was demanding 115rs, so we asked for his meter card and he pointed it out to us but he kept it folded and would not give it in our hands. My father actually pulled it from him and pointed out that he was showing us the night fare and we are not dumb people. He abused us back and started yelling. He kept saying 'galti se' (by mistake) My dad felt like slapping him and saying 'galti se'.

Finally we were catching our train and had to get to platform 5-6 in less than 5 mins. We had 4-5 big bags. 2 coolies came and said they would take 400rs! 100rs per bag! Ridiculous. We carried our own bags then.

Delhi being the capital of India is so corrupt. Why don't the people living there do something about it?


Also i'd like to add the way people have been cheated during these Common Welfare games with the amenities costing a lot more than they are supposed to..

I'm not saying that Mumbai has less corruption. But just 4-5 days in Delhi and every mode of transport I tried, people tried to get the best out of me! At least in Mumbai when I travel, I might find somebody trying to cheat me once in a month or something like that.

Update 2:

I kinda agree with you Oracle.. Yes I have lived in Milan, Italy for a year and my basic metro fare was always 1 euro and the minimum cab fare was 5-6 euros.

And of course its not a matter of 20 rupees, its a matter of morals. My family gives away money weekly to my church (nothing to boast about, but u think I am stingy for 20 rupees)

And Mr.Cool, please Im not trying to regionalize, although Im happy with Mumbai and prefer it to Delhi, all I'm saying, if this happens regularly, then why don't people stand up to it? I know for sure if stuff like this happens in Mumbai, it will get reported in Mumbai Mirror and people sometimes even have strikes for these small reasons.

Just stand up to corruption, whether it is 10rupees worth or a 1000.

P.S - I have been all over India, to Ladakh, to Assam and Shillong, to Chennai (which I go every year) to Bangalore, etc. But I have found Delhi to be the worst with small corruption. So sue me.

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    Welcome to India my lovely lady...Ohh sorry u'r from Bombay...Naaice...I presume u know marathi, or atleast can speak the 'Marathised-Hindi'...Well if a person from Delhi Visits Bombay, he/she/it will be charged 80/- or 100/- from India gate to CST, instead of 50/- or 60/- ... Visit Madras, u'll be charge 100/- for City centre to Anna Salai even if the charge shud be not even 50/- ... But i like Bombay...The place got a charm... Its neither as outspoken as Delhi and nor as uncommunicative as Madras (sorry Mumbai & Chennai, some people will kill me for usin the old names....)...

    Kudos to u that u could find the 'specific' dude whu cheated u,and could kick his asss, it was his bad day that day i understand (he'd never cheat 3 ladies from bombay ever again, i assure u that)..

    and well 20/- 15/- its all 'chalta hai' really Delhi/Bombay etc are costly places... Even those poor rickshaw wallas etc have to feed their family..Indian Rickshaw wallas, Taxi walls etc cheat because India doesnt have the system of 'Bakshish' over the metre..Go to London..If u get on the London Taxi, the minimum 'Bakshish' is fixed 5Pounds, my white friends pay even 7-10pounds..But me poor Indian, i frown while giving even

    And Yes, Dont talk about coolie... Even Bombay coolie will say 100-200-300-10000000000Rs for the same luggage (unless u ask in Marathi) and the best part is they have a TROLLEY lol, they dont eve carry the luggage..So 200Rs for what??

    so the TRAVEL ORACLE , Travel tip for the day is -- always ask the ''Bhao (rate)'' from local shopkeepers etc before taking an auto/taxi etc anywhere in India..also try to know the avg kilometres.. On an avg the rate anywhere is 10-12Rs (dependin on petrol/CNG rate) per kilometre for auto and 20Rs for Taxi ....


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    Introspect before yelling unnecessarily. Not only Delhi, every Indian city is full of corrupt people. We might blame the politicians and authorities for all the mess that we face, but the reality is that it was from among us only that they all were appointed. So some day, when they weren't in those hot seats, even they would complain against the then authorities. Now don't say that you're a caring and honest citizen. Everyone of us is corrupt in some way.

    If you were an autorickshaw driver, even you would be over-pricing customers. Don't generalise a city based on a few instances. Tell me how much great are the people of Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata. I am sure they wouldn't be any better.

    Agree that Delhi has been the most callous city in India, but that's because it's the fusion point of so many cultures from all corners of the country. From Kashmiris to Tamils, from Gujaratis to Nagas, all are found in Delhi. Obviously, there is some sense of detachment to this city among the immigrants, as they know they're here just to earn. They have no emotions attached with Delhi and generally develop an inferiority complex with respect to the resident Delhiites due the latter's upper standard of living. This is what drives them into committing such acts that become harrassment to others.

    Don't forget the fact that despite having more number of immigrants than Mumbai, Delhi has never produced an enemy of motherland India to have warned them from using the soil of Delhi, which everyone knows is a feature of the Thakeray's with respect to Mumbai. Delhi has always embraced everyone with open arms, irrepective of his background, barring, of course, some bad treatment meted out to the North Easteners.

    Don't vent out your frustration on the internet in a generaliased manner, as if out to mobilise masses against some issue. If you had any such problems, so should have approached the concerned authorities. As for the autorickshaw incident, if that happened in reality, then the person is eligible for a harsh fine, because only recently have the auto-fares been hiked, which were gladly appreciated by the drivers.

    Except for the metro incident, which is government-driven, I didn't find any other case serious. That a small amount, around Rs. 20-30 baffled a girl from Mumbai-The Financial Capital is pretty unusual to senses.

    Atleast nobody threatened you for some petty reason like being a non-North Indian or non-Delhiite or simply because you called this city as Delhi and not Dilli. :D...

    Stop writing such stuff online that promotes regionalism. Discuss something genuine. These comments won't solve your problems. Respect the single entity that is India.

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  • 4 years ago

    Well the players and bookies have been charged under India Penal code 420 whose description is below. The offense is criminal and punishable upto 7 years in prison plus fine. 420. Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property Whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived to deliver any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being converted into a valuable security, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. Source Bare Act IPC There is no separate code for fixing matches yet, because in the past the money offered for match fixing or spot fixing was too low and most players won't risk their career for such money, so the punishment of banning the player from playing cricket was enough. But these days, the money offered is enormous and the players don't seem to mind being banned for such big money. So new laws are needed now, but weren't needed in the past. Can you answer my question pls?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Yes certainly Delhi people are not only cheaters but also there behaviour is not Good. This is because they come from Haryana. People from Haryana has no manners. Many of us say Delhi is not good city due to Bihari. This is partially true. People from Western Bihar are only Bad other parts are good.

    Vey bad Delhi Transport service. Buses are coming randomly after log waiting time. Haryana Drivers & conductors are misutilising Bus Resources. There is no dearth of buses but they are driving buses from irregular manner. Irregular time table. We can not say that after certain time interval how many bus will arrive for same route. It may be some tie 5-6 buses. So only first bus is overcrowded rest of buses behind this are empty. I don't understand why buses are scheduled in this way why they are not scheduled in regular intervals of time. I also complaint to DTC officer. But they are saying the time table is OK. They are all cheating us. They are not doing there work sincerely.

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    It was really very sad what had happened with u in delhi. but we cannot say corrupt to all delhions. i also have been worked 5 yrs in delhi and everyday we had arguement with autorikhsawalas in morning but nobody can do individually on this. if we want to reach office in time we have to have to pay more . sometimes we took good autowala sometime rude too.

    and this years only autos fair was hike more or less by 20%.

    as u wrote about the mertro station incident. they cannot charge u more than the actual fair. you can see the big enquiry board near ticket counters. all informations are given there. u did good on that by complaining them.

    Rest you said about the corruption in delhi , so corruption is in india not only in delhi. u said so bcoz u visited there. and if u really want to do something to remove corruption then catch the big fishes means who are cheating and making million and billions not who are making 10 -20 rs extra.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Actually it depends on individuals. I'm sure there are lots of nice people in Delhi, and lots of corrupt people in Mumbai as well. I'm from Bangladesh but I've been to India like 8-9 times. I've visited both Delhi and Mumbai and have seen good and bad people in both cities. Sorry to hear your hassles.

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  • Raj
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    10 years ago

    There are crooks and good people in every city, but the fact is the metro has rates for rush and off peak hours. Check it out and complain if you feel cheated. As you have a receipt things will be sorted out.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yaar Thik Hai delhi hai hi aise woh sale chor hai

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  • 5 years ago

    Delhi is tough and competitive

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