Liver tumors..anybody know about this?

I just went to the er the other night because I was having really bad pains they started in my upper back between the shoulder blades and then went to the front area of my stomach. I thought it was my galbladder. That did an ultrasound and said my galbladder is fine but that I have an abnormal growth in my liver that could be a tumor. Im really scared about this and was wanting to know if anyone elese has been threw this and knows anything about this.


Hey Karlita I have a question for you I hope you get this. They did mention that at the er and said if thats what it is I have nothing to worry about. But what can they do about them? do they do a surgery or anything?. I go for a cat scan in a week or so to find out what it is.

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    Sign and symptoms of liver tumor-

    Lump, swelling or pain in the abdomen. The liver is tucked under the rib cage on the right side. Because the liver is covered this way, it's not common to see or feel a mass there. But a mass might be seen or felt if it's large. Sometimes in liver cancer (and other illnesses) the abdomen swells from fluid that builds up there (ascites) rather than a solid mass.

    Weight loss for no reason

    Loss of appetite

    Nausea and vomiting

    Jaundice - yellow color in the whites of the eyes; maybe yellow tint in the skin for some skin colors

    In boys, early puberty

    There are other causes of a swelling in the liver, those need to be excluded first, before making diagnosis of liver tumor.

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    Yeah, actually, my mom had those same symptoms and she has 3 really large hepatic hemangiomas. Which are basically tumors in the liver comprised of a mass of blood vessels all twisted up together. They are benign, not malignant, so in this case a tumor doesn't necessarily mean cancer. They can cause issues though, usually related to spasms of the vessels. I hope the doctor sent you for a follow-up to your regular doctor for some tests to actually find out what the tumor is?

    Keep us updated!

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