should i go to the army or go pro in rodeo?

well i am a 14 year old girl. i want to join the army to serve my country and to make my paw proud. i started talkin to my folks about it and they say they dont want me to. my friends say im "2 pretty" like that even matters...?! but i have been rodeo in since i was 3 and its always been my dream to make it big. ive been told that i am on a good way to its between both my biggest dreams and i dunno what to do .. any advice ?

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    Everyone who thinks of joining the military should keep in mind the phrase 'we serve to protect our way of life'. That means that rodeo fans are serving so that rodeos can continue. If every rodeo person served, then rodeo would stop. How is that preserving our way of life?

    During WWII, most major league baseball players tried to enlist. At first, they were accepted, enlisted, and sent off to war. Eventually, the US gov't realized that a New York Yankees team filled with minor league players was bad for the morale of millions of other soldiers. The military stopped drafting baseball and football players and made their service voluntary. They realized that quality players would do more good for the country by playing than by fighting. A couple of hundred men playing their games could affect millions of men fighting overseas. Get it?

    You can do whatever you want. You can enlist and fight, or you can keep on 'rodeoing'. By fighting, you serve the country in an obvious way. By continuing in your sport, you are affecting the morale of those who fight. There is patriotic value in either course of action. Both sides being equal, you just have to decide what you want to do.

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    well you could try to do both like go to the army and then pick up rodeo again or if you are going to try to go pro and it doesnt work then go to the army but as someone who has served in iraq i can tell you that you will go through a lot especially if you go over seas and get into engagements but in the end it is completely worth it and your life will feel so much more complete

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    im 14 and want to go to the navy im not sure yet though wat do u truly want to do

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