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what is paris, boston, or martinique weather like?

if you could also tell me it in french and english that would be great! but only one or the other is fine... also boston in the fall, and martinique in the spring :) having french homework problems!

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    In Boston, the weather follows the four seasons rules..cold during winter, chilly during fall and hot during summer. Martinique is in the Caribbeans so it's warm all the time, it's a tropical country. I don't really know for Paris.


    A Boston, la température suit les quatres fait froid pendant l'hiver, il fait frais pendant l'automne et chaud pendant l'été. La Martinique se trouve dans les Caraïbes, c'est un pays tropical. Je ne c'est pas comment c'est pour Paris.

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    Martinique Weather

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    Go to the Weather Channel website or click on the "Weather" button on the Yahoo homepage.

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