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rock & Pop...Tori Amos?

Just wondering what you think of her..I used to hate her so much that I called her Torn Anus...then I saw her live and I have a new found respect for her..that lady has talent.


She is alive and kickin'....that's funny you used to like her, I used to hate her...what the f...k is a cornflake girl anyway?

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    What I think of Tori Amos: I love her music and have been listening to it since 1995. I don't love ALL her songs but I love what she is about none the less. Her talent is undeniable, Im glad you saw her live.

    Cornflake girl came about because she was in a commercial for cornflakes and it's about her not feeling like she was in the right place and or fitting in.

    You don't have to love any and every artist out there creating music but a healthy respect for them is essential! That way the door is always open for you to enjoy something new, or out dated!

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    dude is Tori Amos still alive?

    her music is so out of date and sooo 1990's

    like cornflake girl? wtf.


    i used to like her but i usually tend to fade away from old roots.

    lol cornflake girl is a song, but im sure you already knew that :]

    heres the song anyways:

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  • 10 years ago

    yeah I like her, but she is easy to forget to listen to. I listened to her a lot more a few years back.

    *cornflake girl is a song

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