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Is Spirytus as good as Everclear?

Is Spirytus up to standards with Everclear? I've always wanted to try Everclear but it is illegal in New York so I was just wondering if Spirytus is a good substitute?

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  • Brian
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    Everclear is 96% neutral grain spirits, which means that it's as much alcohol as you can possibly get from distilling. After 96 point something you have to go high-tech or chemical and it tends to get poisonous or super expensive.

    So if Spirytus is 96% alcohol then the two are almost exactly the same thing: a ton of ethanol in a bottle. The other 4% is water, so it can't be that different in flavor. So I'd bet money that you couldn't tell the difference between Spirytus and Everclear if you mix it.

    That said, Everclear and other NGS are illegal in a lot of states because they're so potent and people are dumb. People get drunk and pull out the Everclear and think it's just really potent alcohol, and it isn't. It's nearly PURE alcohol and when dumb & drunk people have dangerous products nearby someone gets a noisy ride to the stomach pumping station at the ER.

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    Spirytus Alcohol

  • 9 years ago

    everclear is illegal in new york??? dam we must have alot of that then. ill go try it out tommoro night, get back to yah in 36 hrs. stay thirsty

    Source(s): ive actually never heard of it, i live in brooklyn. but why is it illegal?
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    Moonshine is NOT or EVER 100% alcohol its impossible to have 100% alcohol and even if you did it would be called alcohol and not "insert name of drink under 100% alcohol"

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's stronger, anyway. I have a bottle sitting on my bar and am saving it for a special occasion.

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