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I want to get into West Point Military Academy?

I think there's a huge dilemma. I've never played sports in my life. I know it'll sound shocking to many people but i'm not overweight. I'm quite thin, 6'3 and 173 lbs. I'm going to be a Sophomore in highschool. Do I have a chance to join West Point or any academy for that matter. Also, do they look at perfect grades or what?

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    The service academies do not consider extracurricular activities before 10th grade so you are fine if you get involved in sports this year. A good plan is to choose sports that do not require skills that take years to learn such as cross country or crew or that are new at your school or in your area and where the participants are at a fairly low skill level such as lacrosse in areas that it has recently become popular. Academics make up about 60% of the whole person score. Extracurricular activities make up about 20%. CFA(candidate fitness assessment), Interview, Writing Sample, Letters of Recommendation from HS Math and English teacher, Coach or PE Instructor and Guidance Counselor or Principal, and West Point SLS Squad Leader's written evaluation make up the last 20%.

    The Air Force Academy offers outstanding advice to students prepping for any service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the left of the dialog box:


    Read all the Faq on the West Point website:


    Read the Admissions chapter of the West Point Catalog and follow the recommendations for high school classes, leadership activities etc:


    West Point Class of 2013 Profile details the academic and extracurricular accomplishments of candidates successful in earning an appointment:


    Apply to SLS in mid December of Junior year:


    Any questions, let me know.

    Good Luck!

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    West Point is the top rated University in the entire nation. Grades, leadership abilities and initiative are keys to getting a congressional recommendation.

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    Test scores. You need exceptional test scores. Everyone who applies to the service academies have high GPAs and extensive extra curricular activities. It's standardized test scores that make you stand out.

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    start running.. doing weights or something... and start cracking the books open!

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