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I need baby names from everyone that wants to help?

Ok, so Im only 7 weeks with my second child so of course I dont know what Im having yet. But with my first it took me almost the whole time to figure out what I wanted to name him so i was hoping all of u could throw some first n middle names on here so I could start thinking about what kind of name I want. I dont like really popular names and I dont like names that r just weird or compicating so need boys and girls names if ya dont mind..Thanks! N what do u think about Karleigh Alyssa Johnson for a girl?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    ok I'll tell you a ton of names:


    Ashley, Riley, Tabitha. Emma, Vanessa, Veronica, Melissa, Rachel, Savannah, Farrah, Olivia, Lorraine, Nicole, Gabrielle, Robin, Josephine, Taylor, Emily, Amelia, Rene, Samantha, Amanda, Sophia, Isadora, Willow, Ophelia, Penelope, Harley, Greta, Belle, Catherine, Charlotte, Jennifer, Molly, Michelle, Danielle, Stephanie, Dinah, Donna, Gwendolyn, Magdalena, Evelyn, Evangeline, Esmeralda, Lydia, Lesley, Lindsy, Ruby, Uma, Ursula, Quinn, Caroline, Lena, Elena, Eva, Joy, Grace, Eve, Francesca, Ava, Hope, Ada, Marissa, Ida, Faith, Marlie, Ina, Abigail, Larissa, Claire, Juliet, Julia, Wendy, Gwyneth, Zoe, Ariana, Kaitlin, Hailey, Hadley, Hannah, Beth, Brielle, Lorelei, June, May, April, Tiffany, Taffy, Jane, Jade, Hilda, Gilda, Glinda, Belinda, Melinda, Frances, Freya, Tanya, Jasmine, Yasmin, Opal, Bridget, Rebecca, Kaylie, Kayla, Carrie, Victoria, Vera, Katrina, Cat, Vana, Dora, Dorothy, Delilah, Lila, Lola, Lilly, Rose, Amaryllis, Mary, Marcie, Marie, Penny, Phoebe, Penelope, Macy, Yolanda, Helga, Aubrey, Audrey, Miranda, Lynn, Elizabeth, Liza, Beth, Eliza, Elise, Annalise, Ivanna, Yvette, Brenda, Brandi, London, Paris, Virginia, Dakota, Eloise, Nan, Anne, Anna, Annabelle, Harmony, Melanie, Melody, Destiny, Desiree, Sarah, Julie, Serena, Selena, Eileen, Ellen, Elle, Ella, Juniper, Maya, Maria, Felicity, Violet, Scarlett, Zelda, Carly, Jenna, Gemma, Johanna, Jolene, Jeanell, Colette, Coleen, Jeanette, Aria, Amy, Sasha, Nina, Alana, Megan, Tracey, Stacey, Alice, Dawn


    Zachary, Alexander, William, Oliver, Nicolas, Oscar, Griffin, Kyle, Lucas, Emmett, Ryan, Jacob, Jonas, Jonah, Austin, Gabriel, Daniel, Michael, Mitchell, Riley, Rene, Brendan, Brandon, Bradley, Bentley, Brent, Christopher, Ned, Simon, Christian, Alan, Stephan, Steven, Landon, Taylor, Bruce, Charles, Nathan, Nathaniel, Dean, Adam, Emery, Tyler, Thomas, Victor, Vincent, Robert, Harlem, Carter, Thayer, Cooper, Matthew, Dylan, Owen, Terrance, Liam, Pierce, Patrick, Paris, Bailey, Ian, Isaac, Dallas, Tatum, Isaiah, Connor, Greyson, Tyson, Carl, Lenny, Spencer, Frankie, Franklin, Drew, Andrew, Freddie, Joseph, Francis, Louis, Grant, Graham, Sean, Theodore Kevin, James, Jonathan, Xavier, Xander, Collin, Harley, Jack, Sasha, Dakota, Joshua, Carlos, Ace, Urban, Keith, Aaron, Aidan, Damian, Dorian, Eric, Levi, Leo, Lance, Ted, Todd, Dash, Nigel, Niko, Mika, Jared, Greg, Harry, Ronald, Declan, Jamie, Jackson, Easton, Elliot, David, Clayton, Bruno, Logan, Dustin, Justin, Jason, Ethan, Marcus, Angel, Rubin, Cornelius

    Karleigh Alyssa Johnson is a wonderful name for a girl!

  • 1 decade ago

    Karleigh Alyssa is very pretty.


    Winnie Rose

    Bonnie Michelle

    Ruthie Bernadette

    Adeline Belle

    Rochelle "Shelly" Faye

    Phoebe May

    Bethany JoAnne

    Eleanore Nicole

    Joelle Candice


    Beau Michael

    Joseph Andrew

    Holden Carl

    Ross Henry

    Bradley Stephan

    Eli Paul

    Dominic Quinn

  • 1 decade ago

    Mackenzie Jason Sofia Cameron Riley Hunter Haley Jayden Gabrielle Juan Nicole Charles Kylie Aaron Zoe Lucas Katelyn Luis Paige Owen Gabriella Landon Jenna Diego Kimberly Brian Stephanie Adam Alexa Adrian Andrea Eric Avery Kyle Leah Madeline Evelyn

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Karleigh Alyssa Johnson:)


    Anna Lynn Johnson

    Emalynn Grace Johnson [Nickname: Ema]

    Princeton Lilly Johnson [Nickname: Pri (Pr- ee)

    Asher Jade Johnson [Nickname: Ash]

    Keegan Marie Johnson

    Emerson Alyssa Johnson [Nickname: Emie]


    Jason James Johnson

    Aaron Colby Johnson

    Keydon Jay Johnson

    Jeydon Micheal Johnson

    Bryce Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Luke Johnson

    Hope I Helped <3

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Karleigh Alyssa but here are some more names for a girl i like Sophia Elizabeth (You can call her Sophie), Madison Lily, Lindsey Alexis, or Brooke Amelia. And for a boy I like Jonathan Thomas, Anthony Jacob, Joseph Eric, or Daniel Ryan. Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer Carly to Karleigh but its a pretty name for a little girl.

    Anabelle Grace (Ana or Belle)

    Isabeth Karleigh (Beth, Betsy, Betty, Isa)

    Caitlyn Jane (Cait, Caity, Lyn)

    River Anton

    Isaac James (Ike, Izzy)

    Mackenzie Chistopher (Mack, Mackie, Ken, Kenzie)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Ryleigh Amelia

    Sarah Rayne


    Landon Scott

    Carter Lee

  • 1 decade ago

    I LOVE Karleigh Alyssa! Very cute!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Karleigh seems like a complicated way to spell Carly.

  • 1 decade ago

    well MY favorite names are Rhiannon for a girl and Ryan for a boy. And I also like, ALOT of names that end in ana, like luciana, lilliana, leana, arriana, christiana, (its on-uh btw not - ann-uh), and Emily, Grace, or Alicia (uh-lee-see-uh, NOT uh-lee-shuh) And For boys i like things that start with j mostly. Like Joshua, James, Jacob, Justin. But theyre all really normal, that might not be what you want. For middle names i really like, May, Grace, Emma, Sophie and a couple more. So hope I helped at least a little!!!

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