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Can Orlando swing a deal for Chris Paul?

If they include another team which will allow the Hornets to get Nelson, Pietrus, two first round picks, and a solid player other than Carter, Lewis, or Howard.

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    orlando offers carter and nelson

    new orleans gives up cp3 and emka okafar

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  • Rob K
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    It's possible.

    You'd have to believe Jameer Nelson, would have to be included in any deal along with Pietrus and a probable future 1st round pick to make it work. I'd say since New Orleans for some strange reason decided to part with up and coming PG, Darren Collison; it would be in their favor to pull the trigger on getting Jameer Nelson, and Michael Pietrus. Also, if they can throw in shooting big man Ryan Anderson to make sure they get their value's worth -- not to mention the probable first round pick, seeing as any pick Orlando would have would be a late first-rounder anyways.

    Also there's no way any team is taking on the bloated contracts of Vince Carter or Rashard Lewis; so you can consider them permanently fixed in Orlando.

    Orlando probably has better pieces then the Knicks do in making the trade happen.

    @Bubba, I was unaware of that. That makes Carter an attractive option because he's an expiring contract, who still has a "little" marketing/drawing ability, especially in a market like New Orleans. I could see him being a throw-in perhaps.

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    Sure if someone whats to take Carter or Lewis and give the Hornets a solid player.

    @Rob K- The Carter deal is up after this year. I think there are some teams that would love it.

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    The Hornets want 2 starters a high draft pic for CP3!

    Theirs no way they take Average players like Nelson, Pietrus ,Draft picks(late first round nope),or anything else the Magic have to offer!

    The Hornets are going to do what's best for them ,Trading him for the best offer not where CP3 wants to go!

    Source(s): Melo and CP3 are just players with no loyalty,This is what the NBA is coming to!I hope the Owner Lock these over paid crybaby's out until they get everything they want in the new CBA!
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    The trade that sent Collison packing and brought in Ariza kinda cemented Paul, atleast until next year. Now let's start questioning where Melo is going. Remember when players lived up to their contracts and didn't bolt when they saw someone else do it? I think it was called loyalty.

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    The Lakers might lose a lot down low in the event that they commerce Bynum. the toddler has a lot of skill. Odom wasn't precisely lighting fixtures fixtures out final three hundred and sixty 5 days for the Lakers yet he's an important area of their group on the boards. i may be completely large if Vujacic gets shipped away.

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    yea when hell freezes dude chris paul isnt worth bench players yes nelson is considered a bench player he ******* sucks

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    the hornets just traded collison. they won't trade paul.

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    yea sure

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