What is my US woman shoe size if my feet is 21-23 cm long ?

I'm ordering hottopic shoes online and i don't know whats my US shoe size . :\ Please help ! :(

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    21 to 23 cm is quite a range. Let's take 22 cm, the midpoint of that range. That's a U.S. men's 4, or women's 5 to 5.5 depending on the shoe. A very small size, since the U.S. women's average is 8.5. But not impossible to find. I suggest you shop at zappos.com, as they have a huge range of sizes and you can return shoes if they're the wrong size, at least in the U.S.

    BTW, my feet are 27.5 cm, which is U.S. men's 10.5 or womens 12.

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    mine are 23 cm and ima size 8 1/2 you should try 8

    Source(s): my feet told me
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    Rather than measuring your feet, use this...


    It'll be more accurate, because your shoe size is based on more than the length of your foot.

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    Measuring your feet please

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