Regarding people who display the Confederate flag?

the confederate flag is mostly a symbol of men who fought to keep slaves in the south, as far as I am educated

I don't know alot of details about the civil war

are there other reasons why a man would display the confederate flag, or other issues that were central to that war?

or is it all about owning slaves?

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    The Confederate flag is still displayed because of the heritage it represents. A civil war that spanned nearly 5 years with hundreds of thousands of deaths and mutilations is not leaving the minds of the American people. This was a particularly brutal war where rifles were single shot muzzle loaders, after that one shot the bayonet was often used. Up close and smelling the breath of the young lad that you were goring with that bayonet. Today's wars are more distant and impersonal, ordnance fired at an unseen enemy.

    They display for heritage. I am from the North and approve of the display. It represents standing against a corrupt and monster of a government that has taken our states rights away from us, that has bullied it's people into submission of it's tentacles that shakes us down for "protection money", far far beyond fair and reasonable.


    Source(s): President Lincoln's inaugural address QUOTE: "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so." .
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    Was it about slavery? Yes and no. The other answerers were correct in stating that the Civil War was about States Rights, HOWEVER, it was indirectly about slavery too, as the overburdening question was, did states have the RIGHT to allow slavery or did the federal government have jurisdiction over what states could or could not do. All of my ancestors that were alive at that time fought for the Confederate State of Mississippi.

    The war basically demonstrated that the constitution was too weak, if states were able to leave the union at there will, it would very difficult to maintain the United States of America. Also in regards to Northern Manufacturing, people have apparently FORGOTTEN, that GREAT BRITAIN, was a major consumer of southern cotton, and even considered military intervention on the side of the south, so that they might receive more of that cotton. Also at that time, the French had moved large elements of the foreign legion into Mexico, and set up a government under an Austrian regent.

    Had the south "won" it would have left both the Union and Confederate states severely crippled, and, in the case of the south, open to invasion from French forces in Mexico.

    My great uncle flew the confederate flag above the American flag until his death. Flying that flag is more about showing Southern Pride. Some groups take that to mean being proud of being southern, others mean it to be tough, and still others use it as racist.

    Edit: The reason the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves only in southern states, was because there were very few slaves in the North, and it was a display of the federal governments power.

    Source(s): -AP US history
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    The Civil War was really about states rights. Of course, the right the Confederates wanted was to own slaves at that time. Today I believe people display the Confederate flag to signify states rights which is a bigger and bigger issue in this country as time goes on. At least half of the states have renewed their 9th and 10th Amendment rights through state legislation in the past 2-3 years. I don't think displaying the Confederate flag today has anything to do with racism for the most part. It has to do with unfunded federal mandates thrust upon the states. Money and rights.

    Much of the reason for some who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the use of the Commerce Clause to enforce it. While I do believe that was necessary, it was a huge precedent set by the federal government in controlling private business in this country which could be applied to anything. Again, it wasn't all about race. The Civil War began because the Confederate states were going to secede and Lincoln was determined to preserve the unity of the United States. If not for that, there would not have been a Civil War. It would seem most black people know this, but a lot of whites don't.

    Nobody in this country wants to go back to slavery and if they did, what in your mind makes you think that could possibly happen or that anybody is stupid enough to think it could? 99.9% of people would be sickened by such a thing. Minorities have all the same rights as white people as it should be. No question about it. The most susceptible group of minorities in this country would be the illegal immigrants and, although they may work for less, they are not slaves. They come here knowing what to expect and what they are willing to do. Evidently they have more confidence in Americans than those who say some want to go back to the slavery days. By the way, I do not display the Confederate flag.

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    The Civil War and the Confederate flag used to be a symbol of states' rights. People are kidding themselves if they say it's not about racism now. I don't care if people want to display it or not, but don't lie and say it is for something it isn't. If people wanted to display it as a political statement, they should display the real Confederate flag, not the one that was adopted by bigots.

    The Confederate flag that people display was never an actual flag to represent the Confederate Nation.

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    Only one of the Confederate flags is seen as racist. It's unfortunate that some hate groups have used it and caused it to be seen as a symbol of racism like the raised black fist is a racist symbol used by other hate groups.

    Personally, I hold the confederate flag in the same esteem that I hold the US flag or the Marine Corps flag. The state flag of Georgia is the Confederate national flag and no one seems to be enraged about that. In fact, most people probably don't even know it is the real confederate flag.

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    as far as I am educated

    Then let me reeducate you

    South Carolina left the Union,

    Lincoln mustered an army to march down and make them come back

    the other states knew that the way this nation was formed it was legal to leave the union and Virginia especially got mad that Lincoln would march an all northern army thru their state without asking.

    Slavery was not an issue to most southern fighters since only about 5% (rich) could even afford slaves.

    I had ancestors on both sides of the fight, the Confederate flag is a symbol of a fight for freedom, sadly they lost. If the northern manufacturers were not trying to get the cotton from the South and lincoln being in their pockets, there would be 2 countries and no civil war in the history books.

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    I know it's about the South and representing their culture etc etc, but I just found out thru a Guard recruiter that the tatoo of the Confederate flag is not allowed, ANYWHERE!?!!? Why is that then? She didn't know, but due to the fact it's somewhat associated with slavery, I think that is why they (Armed Forces) don't allow it. Am I correct or no?

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    The civil war was not about slavery

    Slavery was legal in the union all during the war.

    The emanation proclamation only freed the slaves in the confederate states

    But it kept slavery legal in the union slave states and in union held territory in the confederate states.

    That alone, should show most people, the war was NOT about slavery.

    Otherwise, why free slaves only in confederate states, but not union or union contralled areas ?

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    Some use it as a symbol white pride, not racism, but just a symbol to show they are proud of thier heritage. Others use it as southern pride or to represent the fight for states rights over a big federal govenrment

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    Many people down here see it as a proud emblem of Southern heritage. Others see it as a shameful reminder of slavery and segregation. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, more than 500 racist hate groups such as the KKK use the Southern Cross as one of their symbols.

    I think that if 500 hate groups like the flag as their symbol then it is about slavery and racism and not about Southern pride in the fact that Great Grandma was a Steel Magnolia and made great biscuits.

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