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Discrete Maths Degree HELP!!?

Okay, so I didn't make it onto the straight Maths course at Warwick but they've offered me the Discrete Maths course instead. I really don't know much about this course and whether it is reputable or not...could anyone shed some light on this?! Is it worth my while, or should I just reapply next year to a better course? Will I only be able to do a job computer related after this course? Thanks for any advice.

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    Chances are most of the maths will be the same in the first year

    And if you work hard you could probably swap courses to straight maths after first year.

    Warwick is a good school for maths, go for it.

    Ok I looked it up. It's a maths/computer science joint course

    The year 1 maths component is Foundations, Analysis, Vector and Matrices, Probability A, Linear Algebra, which is pretty much what i did on a straight maths course. Except I also did mechanics, which I hated, and maths methods.

    This course would probably be fine to swap to a maths course where you selected units predominantly in pure maths in years 2 and 3, but not one that included mechanics or mathematical physics.

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    I would accept the offer. It has just been on the news that about 200,000 students in Britain will miss out on a university course this year. Many of them will apply again next year so you could find it even harder to get in anywhere next year.

    Many employers aren't worried about the details of your degree just the fact that you have one. More important is the fact that it is in a mathematical type subject, the class of degree that you get, and the fact that it is from a reputable university.

    Bird in the hand . . .

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    Fundamental Principles of Counting and Probabilities.

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    Hi bM

    I am not sure whether this is any help, but I found this;

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