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到美國讀Mphil or PhD in nursing要點做

想到美國讀MPhil or PhD in nursing 要點做?

已經有香港RN 牌, 讀咗master (coursework programme) health-related but not nursing. 想問以下問題:

1) 有咩大學可以推薦讀nursing research?

2) 美國讀nursing reserach course 好唔好? 難唔難入?

2) 要點樣apply? 要注意D咩呢?

3) 要點樣先可以攞到 RN(USA)牌, 我只係知要考NCLEX-RN, 咁CGFNS呢?

Thank you so much.

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    1) 有咩大學可以推薦讀nursing research?

    Basically, as far as i know, MPhil = PhD in Nursing in US (There are not many college open MPhil on nursing, most of them got PhD in Nusing instead)

    Really depend on what you want to do in Field of Nursing. There are 2 fields of Doctoral in nursing

    DNP focus on Clinical Treatment which will lead to front line (Well,not so front line tho) Nursing Position. Which most University is the same (My sister in law are studing in MUSC DNP program)

    PhD in Nursing are focus on research and techonolgy, mean it's a more scientist type Nursing instead of looking after people, you develope technique and tool for Nurse Practisioner. UCLA PhD of nurse is a good institute to get this degree.

    2) 美國讀nursing reserach course 好唔好? 難唔難入?

    Well, PhD course in US look at 3 things (Actually more but not as important as the three)

    1.) your GPA in BSN and MSN MUST BE 3.5/4 or above.

    2.) your BSN/MSN must be accredited by NLNAC/CCNE

    3.) An US RN Qualification

    Also look at your Nursing Publication (Public Article you wrote about nursing topic before) and Personal Reference

    2) 要點樣apply? 要注意D咩呢?

    Basically, you need to have RN in US before you can enrol in any DNP/PhD Nursing course, plus you must be engaged in Academic Research in nursing BEFORE you can enrolled in PhD in Nursing, not a requirment if you want DNP tho

    3) 要點樣先可以攞到 RN(USA)牌, 我只係知要考NCLEX-RN, 咁CGFNS呢?

    Basically NCLEX-RN and CGFNS is 2 different thing. Look at what CGFNS described

    The CGFNS Certification Program is designed specifically for registered (first-level, general) nurses educated outside the United States who are eligible to practice as registered nurses in the United States

    Well, basically CGFNS is an Credential Verification that your Nursing Degree (Of any level) are on par with a US nursing Degree, after getting NCLEX-RN done, you NEED TO DO CGFNS inorder to obtain a license in different state.

    Source(s): Wife's sister is studying DNP in MUSC and is an TXRN (1st lv), NSW Div 1 Nurse and Swedish Council Nurse
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