Things to do near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri?

What are some things to do near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri -- aside from undergoing Army BCT? Haha. My buddy's graduating next week, and we're going down to see him, so his mom requested that I find some things we can do while he's on liberty the day before his graduation. Obviously, there are certain limitations, and I'm fine with just seeing him, catching up and what not. But, hey, if there's something fun to do, why not do it?

Thanks in advance to any who may help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not a whole lot there. It's nickname is Fort Lost in the Woods. There is a museum on base.

    Otherwise check out

    Rolla 30 minutes

    Springfield 90 minutes

    St Louis 2 hours

    Lake if the Ozarks 1 hour

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