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How much are these ultra rare Yugioh cards worth?

I'm going to sell these cards but I don't know how much they are worth... some websites with price guides state that they are worth a lot but I don't know how reliable they are. some places where I've checked are:

and then I went on ebay and the prices there are like $0.99 for some ultra rares... so idk about that either.

Can someone tell me how much they are worth please? individually and as a set.

Exodia Necross (DCR First Edition Ultra Rare)

Tyrant Dragon (LOD First Edition Ultra Rare)

Armed Dragon LV7 (SOD First Edition Ultra Rare) (x2)

Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End (Limited Edition Ultra Rare) (x2)

Kaiser Glider (DCR Ultra Rare)

Black Tyranno (IOC Ultra Rare)

Guardian Angel Joan (IOC Ultra Rare)

Lava Golem (IOC Limited Edition Ultra Rare)

Fusilier Dragon, The Dual-Mode Beast (RDS 1st Edition Ultimate Rare)

The Creator (RDS 1st Edition Ultra Rare)

Skull Archfiend Of Lightning (DR1 Ultra Rare)

Byser Shock (PGD Ultra Rare)

Ultimate Insect LV3 (RDS 1st Edition Ultimate Rare)

Gaia The Fierce Knight (LOB Ultra Rare)

Ancient Gear Beast (TLM Ultimate Rare)

Gemini Elf (IOC Limited Edition Ultra Rare)

Rafflesia Seduction (SOD Ultimate Rare)

A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit (RDS 1st Edition Ultimate Rare)

Ghost Knight Of Jackal (AST Ultra Rare)

Luster Dragon (MFC Ultra Rare)

Dark Blade The Dragon Knight (RDS 1st Edition Ultimate Rare)

United We Stand (LON Ultra Rare) (x2)

Cost Down (DCR Ultra Rare)

The Forceful Sentry (MRL Ultra Rare)

Horn Of Heaven (MRD Ultra Rare)

Dark Mirror Force (IOC Ultra Rare)

Last Turn (LOD Ultra Rare)

Nightmare Wheel (PGD Ultra Rare)

B. Skull Dragon (MRD Ultra Rare)

Levia-Dragon – Daedalus (IOC Ultra Rare)

Right Arm Of The Forbidden One (LOB Ultra Rare)

Exodia The Forbidden One (LOB Ultra Rare)

Judgement Of Anubis (Limited Edition Ultra Rare)

Megamorph (MRL Ultra Rare)

Relinquished (SDP Ultra Rare)

Injection Fairy Lily (LOD Secret Rare)

Yata-Garasu (LOD Secret Rare)

Harpie’s Feather Duster (SDD Secret Rare) (x2)

The Winged Dragon Of Ra (DOD Secret Rare)

Barrel Dragon (Limited Edition Secret Rare)

Serpent Night Dragon (MRL Secret Rare)

Negate Attack (TSC Secret Rare)

Windstorm Of Etaqua (PCY Secret Rare)

Judgement Of Anubis (DCR Secret Rare)

Rocket Warrior (Limited Edition Secret Rare)

Acid Trap Hole (DDS Secret Rare)

Goblin Fan (TFK Secret Rare)

Alpha The Magnet Warrior (DOR Secret Rare)

Gamma The Magnet Warrior (DOR Secret Rare)

Beta The Magnet Warrior (DOR Secret Rare)

Valkyrion The Magna Warrior (SDD Secret Rare)

Dark Magician Knight (ROD Secret Rare)

Sage’s Stone (ROD Secret Rare)

Knight’s Title (ROD Secret Rare)

Riryoku (TSC Secret Rare)

Twin Header Behemoth (LOD Super Rare)

Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV6 (SOD Super Rare)

Big Core (First Edition Super Rare)

Catapult Turtle (MRD Super Rare)

Buster Blader (DL1 Super Rare)

Blast Magician (FET Super Rare)

D. D. Scout Plane (IOC First Edition Super Rare)

Fire Princess (LON Super Rare)

Sasuke Samurai (PGD Super Rare)

Banisher Of The Light (MRL Super Rare)

Penguin Soldier (SDJ Super Rare)

Dark Magician (SYE Super Rare)

Man-Eater Bug (LOB Super Rare) (x2)

Toon Gemini-Elf (DL6 Super Rare)

Luster Dragon (LOD Super Rare)

Messenger Of Peace (MRL Super Rare)

Mask Of The Accursed (LON Super Rare)

Mask Of Dispel (LON Super Rare)

Maha Vailo* (MRL Super Rare)

Triangle Ecstacy Spark (RDS First Edition Super Rare)

Butterfly Dagger – Elma (DCR Super Rare)

Soul Exchange (SDY Super Rare) (x2)

Invader Of The Throne (MRL Super Rare)

Dark Spirit Of The Silent (LON Super Rare)

Gryphon Wing (SDP Super Rare)

Amazoness Archers (MFC Super Rare)

Statue Of The Wicked (PGD Super Rare)

Pikeru’s Circle Of Enchantment (RDS First Edition Super Rare)

Magician’s Circle (NTR Super Rare)

Mirage Of Nightmare (PGD Super Rare)

Raigeki (LOB Super Rare)

Restructer Revolution (DL5 Super Rare)

Book Of Life (PGD Super Rare)

Black Luster Ritual (SYE Super Rare)

Spell Striker (WC07 Super Rare)

Destiny Hero – Disk Commander (WC07 Super Rare)

Exploder Dragon (WC07 Super Rare)

Thank you!!!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Most of these cards are pretty nice, some of these cards are expensive like mirror force which is 20 bucks while a man eater bug and penguin soldier are 1 dollar each, some of these websites do give you the right price, while ebay is a website with people are getting rid of them and dont care how expensive they are, go the websites that talk about their high demand and check through resonable prices, and see which is fair

    Source(s): I play a bit and know some prices of most of these cards, they are some that i want like mirror force
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