How do I write an essay? Its on the people in my life?

I have to write a biography of an older member noting similarities/differences. Its for 12th grade english but I dont really know how to write an essay. Please help.


Ive been in school for close to three weeks now and I use to know how to write an essay but I havent in a while.

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    Don't know how to write an essay!? Just kidding :) I only recently learned the real meaning behind the structure of essays and I'm 25! Your question is a bit confusing... is the essay about similarities/differences between yourself and an older member of your family? Or is it a biography, like.... a life story of a family member?

    If it's a compare/contrast essay, and not a biography, here's the outline for your essay:

    Part 1: Introduce yourself and your ideas about your relationship with your family and people in general.


    My name is Jane Doe, and I've never been all that interested in my heritage. To me, a family just happens to be the people you're stuck living with. They're like bad friends you're forced to take care of when they get in trouble because society says you have to take care of each other, even though you drive each other crazy. So when I set out to learn more about my Aunt Janet, I wasn't all that excited to do it.


    That is an informal tone, but it's actually quite acceptable for school if you can convey an informal voice while conveying quality information.

    Part 2: Introduce the family member you're going to be relating to. Talk about why this person matters. Don't do any similarities or differences just yet!


    Aunt Janet is my mother's sister. My mom always said she was the "wild child" which is why she's my only aunt who didn't give me any cousins. Aunt Janet is a truck driver. Her home address is, technically, our house, though she hardly ever stays here. Her semi truck has a bed and mini fridge and everything inside, sort of like her own mobile home.


    Part 3: Start your compare/contrast with the differences. They're more interesting than the similarities and they'll keep the essay interesting.

    Part 4: Transition into the similarities.

    Part 5: Big finish where you have warm and fuzzy feelings that show how you've changed after really thinking about this person.


    Aunt Janet used to be the cautionary tale for our family, but I wouldn't mind growing up to be just like her. Except for the truck stops and overcooked donuts.


    Hope that helps!

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    Biblical quotes would seem appropriate in a Christian contest, and if you could slot one or more into your essay it may pick up a few extra points! You may be able to find other sources that you could use for comparison/contrast. Obviously a lot depends of the particular piece of art you choose to discuss in your essay. If your writing style or ideas do not accomodate quotes from the Bible, as long as you present a coherent, well-argued and well-structured piece of work you should be fine. Good luck and I hope you do well in the contest. (Be sure to proofread thoroughly - I notice you type lowercase 'i' instead of a capital letter!)

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    umm, well i blame your fail teachers. but here's a similarity/difference essay format

    (in order)

    1st paragraph; thesis, evidence, list of things you will talk about in your essay (in order), closing sentence, (it'll help if it kind of links it into the second paragraph

    2nd paragraph; (could be similarity or difference, doesn't matter) topic sentence, supporting sentence, evidence, then closing sentence (also, preferably a linker)

    3rd paragraph; (the other one) topic sentence, supporting sentence, evidence, then closing

    4th paragraph; restate thesis, retell your list of things, then closing (should be strong)

    good luck

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    ...You somehow managed to make it through almost all of high school without any idea how to write an essay, and you have to write it during the summer? Wow...

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