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My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 54?

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Promo 1-

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. Kevin Nash, Konnan, Sting & Lex Lugar are making their way to the ring. Kevin Nash: The nWo Wolfpac are in the house tonight!!!! I'm teaming up with Sting tonight to take on Triple H & Eddie Guerrero for the Main Event.

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. Hollywood Hogan, The Giant, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, & Buff Bagwell come out. Hollywood Hogan: Wait just a minute brother!!! Hollywood Hogan: You left the nWo to reform the Wolfpac. Kevin Nash: Yes I did and Konnan also left to re-join us. Hogan: I think this Wolfpac crap is pathetic. Kevin Nash: I got tired of the nWo so Sting basically reformed the nWo Wolfpac and I am now apart of it again. Kevin Nash: There is nothing you can do about it Hogan. Hogan: I can do something about it and I'm challenging you to a match tonight. Kevin Nash: No! Hogan: Let me tell you something. Kevin Nash: No let me tell you something, I made the main event a tag team match and it's going to stay. Hogan: You make your rules I make mine. Team Hogan leaves the ring and the Wolfpac get the crowd pumped up.

Match 1- Mr. Anderson (Heel) vs. William Regal (Heel). Regal goes for the Knee Trembler, but Anderson moves out of the way and slaps Regal across the face and hit the Mic Check. Mr. Anderson then climbed on the top rope and hit the Swawton Bomb. Winner = Mr. Anderson. 11:23

Match 2- Shane McMahon (Face) & Rick Steiner (Heel) vs. Brock Lesnar (Heel) & Ken Shamrock (Heel). Winners = Shane McMahon & Rick Steiner. Shamrock eats a Steiner Driver from Rick Steiner while Lesnar eats a Leap of Faith from Shane. 9:56

Promo 2- Money Inc. open up Rey Mysterio's locker room door. Rey Mysterio: What do you guys want from me? Ted DiBiase Sr: We want to buy and sell one of you masks. Rey Mysterio: What's the point of that? Ted DiBiase Sr: We want to make money quickly. Rey Mysterio: No. Ted DiBiase Sr: I'll pay you $100 dollars for your red one. Rey Mysterio: You can't have this mask because it's been in my family for years now. Ted DiBiase Sr: I give you $200 dollars for it. Rey Mysterio: Sorry, but this can't be sold. Virgil & Mike Rotunda both uppercut Mysterio. Ted DiBiase Sr: I'll be taking this. Money Inc. left $300 dollars for the Mysterio.

Match 3- Ted DiBiase Jr. (Heel) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Face). DDP hits DiBiase with the Diamond Cutter. Winner = DDP. 10:07

Post Match- DDP: My opponent for Spring Stampede will be Ted DiBiase Jr. and it will be for the United States Championship!

Promo 3- Eric Bischoff who is outside of the arena. Eric Bischoff: Larry Zbysko has been fired by me earliar today. Eric Bischoff: I will be replacing him at the commentary booth. Eric Bischoff: The status on Roddy Piper is still unknown. Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth take the microphone from Bischoff. Randy Savage: Sorry Bischoff, but I want to talk about Piper. Randy Savage: Roddy Piper is just this annoying brat who wears quilts. Randy Savage: The attack was nWo style. Randy Savage: If Piper ever returns then he will receive another beating from me. The Disciple helped out on the attack though he is not apart of the rivalry between Piper & me. Randy Savage: I took Roddy Piper out of action and now he is in the hospital. Randy Savage: Once Piper knows that the nWo are dangerous then he might just join us. I am on a higher level than Piper right now.

Match 4- Edge & Christian (Faces) vs. Rob Conway & Rene Dupree (Heels). Winners = E&C after a Spear to Dupree from Edge. 6:80. E&C will face Hart Dynasty for the titles at Spring Stampede.

Match 5- Buff Bagwell (Heel) (w/Sarita) vs. Ultimate Warrior (Face). Winner = Buff Bagwell with the Buff Blockbuster. Warrior got distracted by Sarita which got Buff the chance to hit the Buff Blockbuster to win the match. 7:19.

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Promo 4-Hogan talks to The Disciple in the parking lot. Hogan: You know what to do? The Disciple: Yeah! Hogan: I want you to do what I told you to do later tonight. The Disciple: Yes indeed.

Match 6- Curt Hennig (Heel) vs. Jim Neidhart (Face) (w/Bret Hart). Winner = Curt Hennig with the Hennig-Plex. 13:46

Coming Up Next will be our Main Event here on Nitro!

Main Event- Sting & Kevin Nash (Faces) vs. Triple H & Eddie Guerrero (Faces). The match ends in a No Contest. The Disiple & Hollywood Hogan attacked Kevin Nash before the match. Sting got beaten down by Stevie Ray. Eddie Guerrero & Triple H get in a fight with The Giant, Scott Steiner, & Rick Rude. This theme plays.

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. Booker T fights the nWo Hollywood guys and Booker T ends the show performing the spinaroonie.

End of Show

Rate the Show

Pick Best Match/Promo

BQ: Should I bring back Scott Hall & X-Pac so they can join one of the nWo factions?

BQ2: Was ending the show with Booker T good?


WCW Spring Stampede matches so far:

(C) Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan

(C) Hart Dynasty vs. Edge & Christian

(C) Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. DDP

(C) Torrie WIlson vs. Trish Stratus

Davey Richards vs. Tyler Black

Curt Hennig vs. Bret Hart. Submission Match.

(C) The Rhodes Family vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick.

Shane McMahon vs. Ken Shamrock vs. William Regal vs. Rick Steiner vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Brock Lesnar. Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kazarian. Ultimate X Match for World Television Title.

2 Answers

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    10 years ago
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    Best Matches:

    1)Mr.Anderson vs William Regal

    2)E&C Connection vs La Resinstance

    I believe all the promo's were very well put together, and I cannot pick just one, they are all well. Now, Mr.Anderson vs William Regal would be a great match, two actual wrestlers. I like the ending on how Mr.Anderson wins the match with a Swanton. Good thinking on your part. E&C Connection vs my favorite team of all time other than Evolution, would be La Restinance, this would be a great match. I believe La should have won, but they are still young while E&C could be considered legends so the ending was tremendous.

    Overall Card...9.7/10

    BQ:Yes, I believe the nWo should have them back in the group. They are the heart and soul of the Nwo.


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    10 years ago

    Cool, show, I don't know much about WCW but I know alot about Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Rey, Nash etc.

    Good ending too with Booker T fighting the n.w.o

    Rating: 9.2/10

    Best Match: Main Event

    Promo: Promo 3

    TV Rating: 3.45

    BQ: Yeah

    BQ2: Hell yeah!

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