Macron and grave accent?

Can someone make the letters a, i, and u have macrons and grave accents?

I can get ḕ and ṑ because they are in Unicode. But a, i, and u aren' PLEASE! :[ My computer has trouble using combining characters.


Thanks "That guy", I think I didn't give a correct explanation. I just meant that my computer can't make them, however, it has no problem reading them, so that's why I was asking for someone else to make them :p Sorry about that.

Oh, and thanks for making them for me Zlevad! I really appreciate it.

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    1 decade ago
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    ā̀ ī̀ ū̀ ~ I used the character map to create these.

    Source(s): Windows character map
  • 1 decade ago

    Unfortunately, I don't believe these characters were included in the cast collection of Unicode symbols. There are only two ways to get these symbols. One is to use the combining accents, but you say your computer has problems with them. Frankly, mine does, too. The other way would be to make the characters yourself by downloading a font software such as FontCreator.

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