About the Craigslist Killer and his suicide?

I find myself ruminating about this guy and about his suicide. Actually, his actions, his rapes and murders last year were his suicide, so in a way that preoccupies me less. I don't know if someone with experience with this kind of deviance follows this niche in Answers, but I really would love a considered response from someone with some awareness/experience in this area.

I actually am familiar with destructive individuals--people with a compulsion to harm, with that kind of rage, and indeed educated, upper middle class, etc. But my experience is that they go to great lengths to cover this facet of their personalities, even to the point of scapegoating others, with great skill and credibility.

I am nonplussed by Philip Markoff. He had these compulsions, and he knew it. A fellow med student, female, a buddy (not a girlfriend) once had to fight him off when he cornered her, grabbed her, and began mauling her. They had had a couple of drinks in a bar and were walking home. She said he frightened her and she never was along with him again.

If she knew, he knew. And he had access to all the reference works and resources available to psychiatry to learn about this compulsion and the means to deal with it. Instead, he committed suicide. Now this just blows me away.

That he was arrogant, I do not doubt -- arrogance in my book is always pathological, as it involves a distancing from others, an objectification of a person, and a looking down. But arrogance does not account for his walking away from a murder and right through the cameras, for keeping the gun no matter how cleverly hidden. I suppose the litany is pretty lengthy, and I just don't believe that arrogance accounts for it.

I actually have watched a person with unsavory compulsions and involved in something horrible confront the horrible-ness of what they were engaged in and their face fill with, I guess, shame or guilt -- but then that creeping smirk the pleasure they take in, well, in destruction, and all the recognizable human response evaporates and the compulsion holds sway. And I do not doubt that this guy--I don't know how else to put it--was possessed by the same phenomenon.

But it just seems that he had every resource and capability to beat it one the one hand -- that if you realize you have something that can destroy you, that you would act in your own best interests to destroy it first. And that is just one the one hand. On the other hand, he seems to have given in completely to it and then walked into the hands of the authorities by absolutely not apparently even trying to get away with it.

What am I looking at here? Does anybody have any perspective on this they would be willing to share? Is this self-loathing? Is it arrogance alone? It all just seems beyond stupid to me and like a knot I can't unravel. I'm not obsessed, but I keep coming back to it in my mind, and so I'm wondering if anybody else has any thoughts.

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    Look this up in the "Mental Disorders Manual IV." He was a sociopath, period. Think Ted Bundy. Think Jack the Ripper. Think husbands who kill their wives.

    It is all about them and their sick pleasures. Sure, you may find something in his childhood, like

    Jeffry Dahmer killed animals as a child, but, why bother? He was insane.

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    He was on that reality show " I love New York" he was under the assumed name "Mr Boston"


  • Chuck
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    C'est la vie.

    The guy committed suicide. Frankly, I'm grateful that he did, now I don't have to hear about the case anymore. Can you imagine the spectacle of his trial? God, it would be worse than the oj simpson trial.

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