Kidney pain after recently treating a UTI?

I just finished taking antibiotics (Bactrim) for my 6th-ever UTI infection. It was worse this time - I was peeing straight blood and the pain was way worse than usual. But within the first 48 hours, I was at the doctor's and got my prescription. It seemed to be treated. But then last night, I had terrible pain in my right kidney (yes I know where my kidneys are located, upper back under the rib cage) for about ten minutes, and the strong urge to pee. I went but the urge didn't go away for 20 minutes after the kidney pain had subsided, and it really hurt! I'm not feeling physically at my best, kind of "ick" temp is 99 degrees when it's usually around 97.5

Is it possible that my UTI was not fully treated?

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    There is a reason they keep coming back you need to stop what is causing them in the first place ie. Feeding bacteria sugar.

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    Any thing is possible. You may have had the spreading of the bacteria to blood during the UTI occurrence and that in turn got the kidneys infected or it may be a bran knew infection of the Kidneys. This may or may not be an infection. One can pass blood because of shifting of sediments or stone in the kidney(stone and sediment can cause bleeding as they have sharp point. If you had collected the urine then it can be tested for bacteria and the sediments. This way the correct treatment is given so do collect next urine sample to see what it looks like.

    Temperature indicates possible infection, pain and blood is a sure indication of damaging of kidney issue, scratching of the any of the tissue of the track including kidney or even bladder, but pain is from kidney.

    See a Dr, and get all the test done to get the correct treatment.

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    See a doctor. Back pain with frequent painful urination sounds like in could be pyelonephritis--in other words a kidney infection. You only have one kidney. You need to take care of it!

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    It could be that the Bactrim partially treated the infection but did not kill all the bacteria and that now you have an infection in your kidney. Another possibility is a kidney stone. If your doctor did a culture of your urine, it should have shown the bacteria's resistance pattern to various antibiotics. I suggest you call the doctor's office and talk to one of his/her nurses to tell them your symptoms and ask if they think you need a different antibiotic or if you need to be seen. Good luck.

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