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Anyone been to Mexico?

For my year abroad I have to choose between Ciudad de Mexico or a number of places in Spain, I've lived in Spain before and would love to travel to Mexico, does anyone who has been to Mexico think it would be a good place to go? When I was in LA last year, we weren't allowed go to Mexico because they were afraid we would be killed by drug people and what not, is it any better, or what do you think? thanks

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    mexico city is a safe city that it don't have any problems by drug people, mexico city is a cosmopolitan city, is the city whit more museums in the world, it's a big city anything it don't envy any other cities. Mexico city is similar to new york the only difference is that mexico city have a small skyscrapers.


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    Good process Memo. Even although I am a Chivas fan I obtained handy it to Memo he did a Fantastic process protecting Mexico's target. Memo will have to get the opening process for the relaxation of this turnament with the exhibit he placed on final night time. Good process Nery and Ramoncito additionally. As for the USA and Mexico fit. do you all recognise that USA has crushed Mexico in USA just like the final 8 instances within the US grounds. That method they play of their possess turf and had the ref competencies. I could like to look USA cross play all the ones suits in El Stadio Azteca and ponder whether they got here up with a win? I doubt it! QUE VIVA MEXICO CARBONES!!!

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    It hasn't changed for the better.

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    it is just a pigsty

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