What Twin Tips Snow Skis to Buy?

I'm a 5ft 11in tall, 160lb guy that's looking for some quality twin tips. I am usually a very aggresive all mountain skier and since the black and double black run are getting a little old, I'm getting park skiing lessons and I'm gonna try out halfpipe and jumping. What is a pair of quality skis that can shift well between park and all mountain with decent looking graphics? I can spend about $500-600 and I dont mind "last years model." I've been looking at armada Arv's but I'm not convinced they are what I need.

Thanks for any input!

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  • 9 years ago
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    line blend is the way to go. they rip pow crud groomers they still are amazing on jumps and rails.. last year models are a little more stiff but really good and this year models go for 650$ cad and 500$ something usa they are light easy to carve and float in powder and rip in park.. best all mountain ski. if u have any questions about them email me erikbruens@yahoo.com and this year models are flexier then last year so they are more playful and they also have early rise so it helps keeping your tips up in pow. and if u decide to get the line blends get the 178.. u might think its to long but truest me ...the 173 and 178 such a small differencer. ya heard

  • lynne
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    3 years ago

    all good, i'd reccomend k2!!!! The have great loose journey skis in case you recognize what i advise. i'd get the k2 public enemy thats what I actual have. The pe is an all mountain / park ski. yet once you going to be putting out interior the park lots i'd get like the k2 fujitive. yet once you desire a all mmountain ski i'd get the commonplace public enemy. Their are different manufacturers too like volkl, line, ect. i think of line makes some rather reliable park skis. i'd reccomend testing all of those manufacturers first. So i think of over all, Line= reliable in Park, k2= great all mountain Volkl= intense performence ski.

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