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Do girls and women hate me in general?

I've never had a girlfriend a girl that is a friend. Most girls don't want to talk to me. Most of my female relative hate me. What's wrong Im scared. Is it because Im a 15 and a nerd?

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    No, Pointdexter, they don't hate you. They just don't see you as worth anything so that's why they ignore you but YOU CAN fix that. You're not alone and you can fix your problem. Listen to Tom Leykis. He will help you get laid (I know you're 15 now, but later in life it'll help you out a great deal)

    Tom is a fat, hideous balding old man and he still gets more a'ss than a toilet seat (from young, hot broads too!). Do you know why? Confidence, money and he knows exactly what women want and how they want it, and he teaches other men how to get laid.

    Only fat and fugly feminists would thumb me down. NEVER take dating advice from a woman. NEVER EVER EVER EVER. Women don't know what other women want, they don't know what men want, and most importantly they don't even know what THEY want.

    Don't believe Mr. Tube. Clearly an emasculated beta male feminazi who has never been laid.

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    9 years ago

    You shouldn't generalize about these things, because there's no definite way to know for sure how a large group of people see you.

    If I was in your position, I would look at it this way: you're only fifteen. There's no point in wanting something like a relationship when you're so young. Develop more as a person before you start trying to have a girlfriend.

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    Many kids/teens don't have opposite sex friends. Sometimes this doesn't happen until adulthood. If you are young and nerdy it's probably hard to find female friends at school. Bear in mind a lot of girls are probably shy not just wanting to not talk to you. I doubt your female relatives hate you. Don't stress.

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    Your turn will come, you can't go by what relatives do, besides you probably intimadate girls because you are hot. Get out there and talk it up with them. Go to a dance and spin their a@@ around the dance floor a few times, they will come around.

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't know.

    But don't believe stories about balding fat guys without money getting hot chicks because it doesn't really happen.

    Or you're just as likely to win the lottery and then get laid.

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    This happened to me too. Even though I was quiet and just kept my head down, most of the girls in my school treated me like sh*t and were always mean to me, but girls that I knew from outside of school were always real nice to me. I really don't get it.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes. Women will only look at you if you have some sort of asset....(money,looks,fast cars,vacations etc)

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