Northern New Mexico Info?

My friend wants to move to Northern New Mexico. What area is recommended for a single woman

She is 67 yrs old and wants to help at a mission or something where she can make a difference.

Thanks in advance, Kelly

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  • 10 years ago
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    New Mexico? In the US or Mexico the country? This is the travel section for Mexico the country. I don't know of many missions in New Mexico.

    Northern Mexico is a big area. If that is what you mean, I guess I would start with the Catholic Church. They have many orphanages and old folks homes, run mostly by nuns, scattered all over Mexico. They can always use help.

    Tell her to start by reading Rolly's How ot Move to Mexico pages or better yet buy his book.

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  • twomey
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    3 years ago

    properly I'm from Nuevo León and that i'm darkish skinned and function darkish brown eyes and that i has interior of reach blood , yet my chum he's from Coahuila and he seems interior of reach American blended yet not all north mexicans are white, mexicans come from many ethnic communities, my super super grandad from my dad's dude substitute right into a organic interior of reach American borrado Indian and lipan apache and from my mom section my super grandad substitute into blonde yet he substitute into mexican

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