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Moving to Lanzarote ?

Thinking of making a fresh start

How easy is it to get work in any area of lanzarote ?

What would be the best/easiest part to get work ?

There will be 5 of us , so if we all find jobs , it will be pretty easy for us to pay rent

We're very determined to do this , we also know that if we move it will not be like a holiday - You got to work hard to establish yourself


All feedback appreciated


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    My step-aunt moved out to Lanzarote and i know some facts that might help.

    -Lanzarote almost totally relies on tourism for income; most jobs will be based around tourism.

    -If you know Spanish and/or German you are more likely to get a job, though knowing English should be helpful.

    -If you're looking to get a job quickly the tourist hotspots or the south are the best places to look.

    -The north has very little in terms of employment opportunities, and tourist attractions.

    -I remember seeing quite a few English people working in pubs and restaurants in Costa Teguise, and there's bound to be plenty more in Playa Blanca [probably the island's main tourism centre] and Puerto del Carmen.

    Hope this helps and good luck

    Source(s): Visited Lanzarote 4 times, family live in Lanzarote
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