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In addition, the statistical models represent only children with slower development at the later visit dates.This limitation may reduce the models’validity at the tail end. Finally, the GMFM scorer was not blinded to group assignment.This lack of blinding may have led to a bias in scoring. Future studies should have a blinded clinician score the data.





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    to deprive of discernment, reason, or judgment: Ex. a resentment that blinds his good sense. 因為氣憤讓他喪失了理智

    換言之,這裡的意思是說GMFM的評分(方式/系統/模式),尚無法完全去除Group Assignment的影響(這裡的group assignment或許有特殊用意,在此不勉強翻譯成中文)。正因無法去除Group assignment的影響,就會導致計分有所偏差。將來的研究應該要以剔除了group assignment影響下的臨床資料來研究才是。

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