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    Chillin By Wale (ft. Lady Gaga


    Na Na Na Na… Na Na Na Na… Hey Hey Hey… Goodbye… Hey!

    [Lady GaGa]

    Lookin at, lookin at, lookin at me

    Look at that, look how they lookin at me

    Eyes all sticky like honey on bees

    Look at that, look how they lookin at me


    Yeah DC chillin, PG chillin

    My name WALE and I came to get It

    Came to get it, came to get it

    My name Wale


    - This how you start of 09

    Kickin in the door, and I’m everybody problem

    Stuntin in some other Jordan Nines

    I got Phil Knight talkin about “How you got them? ”

    Let’s talk about the cars ya’ll got

    You say you got alotta whips, well I got a Lot

    I got the right to be cocky

    Get so much cut disc jockeys jock me

    You - mad that you not me

    I remain a Giant and your Jeremy Shockey

    And if you ain’t heard me properly

    If you speak garbage, then we no capice

    DC chillin, PG chillin, floor to the ceilin

    Stuntin in my Billion-Air, gear on my

    Millionaire Frames, that’s money on my mind, WALE

    [Lady GaGa]

    Get em all, get em all, pack it all up

    Stack up your funds like a million bucks

    Across the pond, they all know us

    International… Whoaaa!

    Driving my car to a foreign place

    Lookin at me, now they know my face

    We want it all now, we got all YES

    Look At That, Look at how they lookin at us


    Yea, they keep sayin whale but my name Wal-e

    Ho’s call me “Mr. Never Wear The Same Thang”

    You redundant, you never ever change

    And I’m the same way, M.I.A.

    And me Cool and Dre get high like planes

    Your man Wale in his own damn lane

    Can’t control the box, you are no Mills Lane

    Ain’t heard DC since Sardines came

    Ha! And I made ya’ll love it

    We don’t cop plea’s, but ya’ll don’t cop nothin

    Police come around don’t nobody say nothin

    And you be with the cops, you is McLovin

    Dark liquor till we busted

    Till I got a buzz like that Chris Mullen

    District Of Columbia

    You Bernie Mac funny, we ain’t scared of none of ya!



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