RCM grade 10 piano exam tomorrow..nervous?

my RCM grade 10 exam is tomorrow and im freaking out...since im doing arct teacher's, i need 75% or above in order to complete the level and im really nervous because my mom says she doubts i'll pass (over 75%). My scales are not ready at all since i barely practiced and just now when i tried to play them, i kept slipping off and messing up...also i am horrible at sight reading (ive failed sight reading for the past few grades). Any advice as to how i should practice tomorrow morning before my exam and how to get rid of my nerves?

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    10 years ago
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    HELP!!!! I have my grade 10 exam on Saturday!

    I want to get a 75% too because I want to be eligible for ARCT. Did you ask the adjudicator if you were eligible?

    2 years ago when I finished my grade 9 exam I asked if I was allowed to start grade 10 and she said yes, but that time I got an 80%. This time I'm so scared cause I haven't finished learning List B, part II of III Sonatas, and one of my studies is only 50% complete. My other study is an ARCT study so I'm screwed for that. I haven't done any technique at all cause it's only worth 12 marks and I'm hoping to wing that. AHHHH I'm gonna die.

    How did you do??!!!!!! I want to get this over with but then again I wish I had another 2 months of practice!

    How old are you? I'm 18.

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