I have a Western Digital 10k raptor (new model), how much faster will SSD be?

I just built my new computer and I always wanted two separate hard drives, but I first wanted to build the system in it's barebones, shake any flaws and bugs, and make sure everything I wanted was installed and running without a hitch.

I like the speed of the velociraptor, it certainly is far more responsive than my ancient PATA hard drive on my old computer. My question is simple (money is not an issue m birthday is coming up!), will I see a big jump in speed with an intel or ocz SSD?

Room is not an issue, I don't save movies and I have an external drive for music and picutres.

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    SSD's are faster still. A 10,000 RPM drive still doesn't compare with an SSD which has no moving parts at all.

    You can google up "SSD VS HDD comparison" and get plenty of demonstrations on Youtube comparing traditional hard drives agains't SSD's.

    Hell you can even pit 2 raptors in RAID config against an SSD, it would still get beaten.

    I recommend reading the SSD Buyer's guide on Bit-Tech if you want to know what to buy:


    It's the July 2010 edition so it's fairly recent.

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    Here is the real deal.

    You will notice about a 30% difference in real life.

    What will make you really notice a difference however is OS boot up and shut down times as well asfile transfers.

    It is true, the HDD is the bottleneck of current systems however if you are a common computer user you will not notice a large enough difference to justify the investiment.

    Give it a year, the prices will be lower and better products.

    If you do go with one, upgrade to windows 7 and make sure your SSD has TRIM Support.

    Good Luck...

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    Huge my friend. An SSD has MUCH better random access times. THAT'S what makes your OS more snappy and applications launch faster. Raptor access time ~ 7ms. SSD access time ~ .1ms. Not all SSDs are equal in performance tho, so don't cheap out and get a no name brand to save some cash. Buy from OCZ, Intel and Corsair (amoung others) to insure the best performance.

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    SSD is certainly faster..Use SATA 6 to get top speed.

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