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Which is the spelling actually used by the inhabitants of this city in Peru: Cuzco, or...?

...Cusco? and why ...

are there different spellings in English?

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    I think we have to stay with the version of the municipality of the city of Cusco (they should know). I believe it is right because the sound “z” (sounds something like a “th” in Spain) was not used by the Incas, and the old name of the city is widely accepted as “qosco”, without the “z”.

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    The spelling in Peru is Cusco (made official in 1986 by the Department of Education after having different ways of spelling it).

    Cuzco is considered to be the spelling in English (just like Brasil vs. Brazil).

    The name comes from the word Qosqo (you read it like Costco but without the t) which comes from the Aimara name "qosqo wanka" or 'Rock of the owl'

    Source(s): I'm from Peru
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    it is Quechua. English and Spanish Cuzco or Cusco. Both are right.

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    In Spain they have a marked pronunciation of the Z compared to other Spanish-speaking countries so my guess is CUZCO.

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