Difference between record labels & music publishing companies..?

So this might be a stupid question... I was wondering if there is any difference between a "record label" and a "music publishing company"

The specific situation I am wondering about is this:

I was on the Warner/Chappell Music website, they claim to be a "music publishing company", a division of Warner Bros. Music. Makes sense.

And the company lists Kevin Rudolf as one of their artists... They posted a recently published album of his on their website.. but under "label" it says Cash Money Records.... which is the part I am confused by.. shouldn't their label be Warner??...

I noticed a bunch of their artists have random labels listed, like Capitol, Reprise, Interscope, Fueled By Ramen... etc.. now, i know some of these are owned by Warner.. but others (like Cash Money Records and Capitol) are completely unrelated to Warner..

if anyone took the time to read and understand that.. haha can you help me out?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The music business as it's always been is changing drastically. In an attempt to survive many Record Labels have become absorbed into Music Publishing companies that may own many different record labels. One of the giants in the Music business, EMI, http://www.emimusic.com/about/ - owns many different record labels. It almost seems like each new genre requires a new record label to support it. Anyway, most traditional record labels are in trouble financially today because, there are few radio stations playing the top 40 hits these days, and the seems to be much confusion about who the authority is on what songs are even in the top 40. People are not listening to the radio anymore because now they listen to the music they download and put on their iPod and more and more independent artists are becoming well known through the Internet and have no need for a record label to promote them. Many of the big names in music, like Madonna, are becoming an independent artist because the get to keep their rights all the rights to their music and and earn a much larger percentage of the gross sales.


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