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The Wheelers



Son 18:

Son 16:

Daughter 14:

Son 11:

Daughter 8:

Twin Sons 6:

Daughter 3:

My names are...

Dad: Ryan James

Mom: Macie Rae

Son 18: Jeremy Ryan

Son 16: Alexander Nathan

Daughter 14: Rachel Elizabeth

Son 11: Peyton Haines

Daughter 8: Cassidy Josephine

Twin Sons 6: Austin Patrick and Nicholas Jordan

Daughter 3: Madeline Anne

Ryan and Macie are parents to J.R., Alex, Rachel, Peyton, Cassie, Austin, Nicky and Maddie!

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    9 years ago
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    Dad: Eli Ross Wheeler

    Mom: Michelle Roselyn Wheeler

    Son 18: Tyler Lee Wheeler

    Son 16: Oliver Brayden Wheeler

    Daughter 14: Paisley Noelle Wheeler

    Son 11: Colin Daniel Wheeler

    Daughter 8: Kaylee Samantha Wheeler

    Twin Sons 6: Emery James and Gavin Alexander Wheeler

    Daughter 3: Madelyn Olivia Wheeler

    Eli and Michelle are parents to Tyler, Oli, Paisley, Colin, Kay, E.J., Gavin, and Maddie! :)

  • Reese
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    9 years ago

    Dad: Jason Daniel Wheeler

    Mom: Amelia "Amy" Jessica Wheeler

    Son 18: Ethan Nathaniel Wheeler

    Son 16: Lucas Austin Wheeler

    Daughter 14: Carlie Amelia Wheeler

    Son 11: Justin Michael Wheeler

    Daughter 8: Camden "Cammie" Olivia Wheeler

    Twins 6: Patrick Jameson Wheeler and Liam Matthew Wheeler

    Daughter 3: Cassidy "Cassie" Renee Wheeler

    SO Jason and Amy have Ethan, Lucas, Carlie, Justin, Cammie, Patrick, Liam and Cassie :)

  • Dad Owen Simon

    Mom Jean Frances

    Son 18 Niko Roy

    Son 16 Evan Maxwell

    Daughter 14 Rene Katherine

    Son 11: Kade James

    Daughter 8: Bela Nicole

    Twin Sons 6:Luka Aaron &Sean Daniel

    Daughter 3: Romy Grace

  • 9 years ago

    The Wheelers:

    Dad: Jacob Noel

    Mom: Casey Michelle

    Son 18: Jeremy Noel

    Son 16: Nathan Isaac

    Daughter 14: Charlotte Louise

    Son 11: Lucas Gabriel

    Daughter 8: Vida Ivy

    Twin Sons 6: Jack Elijah and Thomas James

    Daughter 3: Annabel Elise

    Jacob and Casey have Jeremy, Isaac, Charlotte, Lucas, Vida, Jack, Thomas, and Annabel.

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  • 9 years ago

    David Anthony

    Annabelle Hastings

    Michael David

    Declan Anthony

    Sawyer Renee

    James Mathew

    Maci Jade

    Maxwell Hank, Ryan Michael

    Cleo Annabelle

    David and Annabelle have- Mike, Declan, Sawyer, James. Maci, Max, Ryan and Cleo

  • 9 years ago

    Dad- Devin Michael

    Mom- Claire Leighann

    Son 18- Bradley Aaron

    Son 16- Jacob Shane

    Daughter 14- Hailey Danielle

    Son 11-Parker Cole

    daughter 8- kaylee nicole

    Twins- Wyatt Avery and Hunter James

    Daughter 3- abbigail grace

    Devin and Claire are the parents of Bradley, Jacob, Hailey, Parker, Kaylee, Wyatt, Hunter and Abbigail

  • 9 years ago

    Davis Michael Wheeler

    Caitlyn Michelle Wheeler

    Jameson Graham Wheeler

    Adam Davis Wheeler

    Dakota Renee Wheeler

    Thomas Daniel Wheeler

    Nicole Marie Wheeler

    Aidan Leo and Max Gabriel Wheeler

    Laci May Wheeler

    "Dave and Caite; James, Adam, Kota, Tommy, Nikki, Danny, Max and Lace"

  • 9 years ago

    Dad: Bryant Thomas

    Mom: Elise Samantha

    Son 18: Lucas "Luke" Cory

    Son 16: Justin Nicholas

    Daughter 14: Elizabeth "Ellie" Nicole

    Son 11: Camden "Cam" Owen

    Daughter 8: Catherine "Katie" Olivia

    Twin Sons 6: Tyler James and Kyler Robert "Ty and Ky"

    Daughter 3: Adalyn "Addy" Sophia

    Bryant and Elise are parents to, Luke, Justin, Ellie, Cam, Katie, Ty, Ky, and Addy

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    9 years ago

    Dad: Michael James Wheeler

    Mom: Reese Elizabeth Wheeler

    18 Year old Son: Matthew Joshua Wheeler

    16 Year old Son: Zachary Nicholas Wheeler

    14 Year old Daughter: Casey Michele Wheeler

    11 Year old Son: Lucas Joseph Wheeler

    8 Year old Daughter: Madeline Alyssa Wheeler

    6 Year old Twin Sons: Hunter Issac & Ryan David Wheeler

    3 Year old Daughter: Olivia Rose Wheeler

    So there's Michael (Mike), Reese, Matthew (Matt), Zachary (Zach), Casey, Lucas (Luke),

    Madeline (Maddie), Hunter, Ryan and Olivia (Livy)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Dad: Devin Michael

    Mom: Kate Elizabeth

    Son: Austin James

    Son: Joshua David (josh)

    Daughter: Alyssa Nicole

    Son: Jackson Noah

    Daughter: Madison Paige (madi)

    Twins: Ethan Paul and Landon Scott

    Daughter: Emma Grace

    Devin and Kate are parents to: Austin, Josh, Alyssa, Jackson, Madi, Ethan, Landon, and Emma

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