How can I hang curtains in a dorm room? or at least block the light?

Here is why I am struggling

- I can't put holes in the wall

- The window is about 120 inches across

I've looked pretty hard, but I don't think tension rods can be that long, I realize I could like duct tape curtains up, but I want then to be functioning.

I am a very light sleeper and would really like to block out the light from coming in my window, if you can think of another way to do that I would like to hear that to.


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    Coupla things you can do...

    1. Get a dowel at a home improvement store. Then get closet pole ends. Glue the pole ends to the inside top of the window and lay in the rod. You can paint them to match your decor or even cover them in craft ribbon.

    2. Get magnetic curtain rods. You may need a few to span the distance.

    3. Make or buy frames staple material on them and when you want the window viewable toss them on a wall.

    4. Vinyl window clings can block or diffuse light.

    5. Get craft paint and paint the windows.

    6. Double sided adhesive velcro will allow you to create a bunch of great designs on the window with fabric.

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    Man, that's a tough one. I'm pretty good at improvising. So here's an idea. Buy some panels that would just about be the same length and height of the window. I'm thinking 3 in all. There is a product called Hurricane tape. It's really strong. Use that to tape the curtains to the top of the window. Then make 3 tie backs and tie the curtains in the middle so that it will allow light in and let you see the scenery. When you want it dark simply untie the tiebacks. The tiebacks could be made of any material including braided satin rope with tassells, available in the sewing dept, or material, or what have you. Wish you the best in your school year.

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    First use two eye screws, one on each side of the window, on the inside of the frame, about 1 inch from the top. Buy about 10 and 1/2 feet of heavy gauge wire. Buy enough fabric to generously cover your window. Width X length X 3. So 10 feet X the height of the window say 6 feet then multiply by 3 times for enough fabric to make a full curtain. Sew panels of enough length together and add a couple inches at top and bottom, for a hem, and string it on the wire and attach to the eye hooks. The darker and heavier the fabric, the more light you will block out. But this can get pricey, so look for low cost fabrics on sale tables at a fabric store.

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    use push pins

    use string

    glue it on double site tape, duck tape

    140 inches rod attached in center need to seee

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    go to home depot or something and ask someone who works there

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