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should i drop derrick mason or devin hester for mohammed massaquoi?

ive been looking to make some roster changes before the season starts. also who should i add for a backup tight end brandon pettigrew, jermaine gresham, or marcedes lewis. I will dropping todd heap for one of these players.


btw theres 10 people in the league

Update 2:

btw theres 10 people in the league

Update 3:

btw my starting tight end is kellen winslow and theres 10 people in the league

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    i would drop heap for massaquoi. he has more upside. you have no need for any of those 4 TE's. Just pick up a TE to replace your starter on their bye, but no need to waste a bench spot on a player with almost zero upside.

    unless its a huge league there is no need for backup kickers, tight ends, or defenses

    Source(s): 12+ years playing fantasy football
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    Keep mason and hester. Add Marcedes and drop Heap. That's a good move. You get a top 20 tight end instead of a guy outside the top 20.

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    Drop Hester and grab Gresham,but really do you need a backup TE,wait till your bye week and grab one then you know what you are gonna get!

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