Chemistry vs Ap Calculus Ab?

What is harder? Im a senior in high school and i took chemistry last year who was a really hard teacher. I passed with a C semester when i actually tried. I now have Ap Calculus Ab and i was just wondering if it is as hard or harder than Chemistry.

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  • 10 years ago
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    everyone has their own aptitude for different subjects. i took both chemistry and ap calc ab. for me, chemistry was easier because it required simple math. i hated calculus because i didn't understand it and in my opinion, my teacher sucked at teaching.

    give calc a try.if you plan to go to college, you'll have to take it anyway. although some may disagree with me, a lot depend on the teacher. it's difficulty also depends on what you're good at. science or math? to me, i hated both.

    chemistry is a normal hs science and ap calc is a college level course. unless you got straight As for all previous math courses, i would say ap calc is harder. not by much though. as long as you have good previous knowledge of the material (functions, factoring, inverses, trig...)

    good luck!

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  • 10 years ago

    oh dear lord.

    in my senior year i was forced to take both calculus honors and AP calculus AB.

    chemistry is way easier. what i found was: AP calculus had shortcuts that made calculus honors easier, since AP classes move at a much faster pace. im not gonna complain, i got 95-99 averages throughout all 4 hs semesters on those 2 classes, but AP calculus has alot of annoying word problems and analyzing graphs..i must say that derivatives/antiderivatives are the best part of the course, a lot of rules, but pretty fun.

    im a college junior and have taken 4 chemistry classes, which is like HS AP chem, and it really isnt hard. i literally taught myself.

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  • 10 years ago

    Calculus, also I wouldn't really want to take hard classes my senior year since if you fail you can't walk the stage.

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