is 75.0 DPS good for a lvl 27 hunter in wow?


is 75.0 DPS good for a lvl 27 hunter in World of Warcraft

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As the Charmed Ancient Bone Bow have 21.0 DPS as lvl 27 version, and it's a blue/epic item, Imo when you're so high over I think u have pretty well DPS

    If you don't have got any of these things I think you have great DPS for your level

    1. Heirloom items, just like twinking "cheating" items, Imo these should get deleted from the game ASAP

    2. Twink Enchants: +15 / +25 agi on wep, etc etc, this can burst up ur dmg alot, and shouldn't be necensearly at all on lvl 27

    ---- Alltho, you shouldn't really think about DPS at level 27, just levelup fast :]

    As hunter is a pet-class it should be pretty easy to quest level up, so if you want a advice from a wowplayer, stop level in instances and start leveling in quests. lvl 30-40 you can spend in Stranglethorn Vale (at bottom of Eastern Kingdom).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on your gear. 75 DPS isn't terrible, 120 is more where you want to be for mostly greens/some blues.

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