what is the fax number for the chase london bank?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is no Chase London Bank. If you mean Chase Bank which is part of JP Morgan

    there is no general fax number -- each department will have their own dedicated fax. You have to dial the main JP Morgan switchboard +44 (0)20 7777 2000 and ask for the fax number of the specific person or department at Chase you are trying to reach

    Or you can email JP Morgan

    http://www.jpmorgan.com/pages/jpmorgan/am/contactu... to ask for your someone's fax number and they will email you back

    Be VERY careful as Chase's name is used fraudulently in thousands of lottery and inheritance scams. If this is regarding a lottery win, this has NOTHING to do with the real Chase. They only work with institutional investors in the UK and would NEVER be involved in lotteries for any reason

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