Can I re-do one section in my grade 10 RCM piano exam?

I just did my Grade 10 RCM Piano exam and I know I did fine on my songs.

But I started out with my scales and I was so nervous at first and the piano was new to me, so I messed up my scales pretty badly.

So I was wondering, is it possible for me to pay extra money to re-do that section to re-gain some marks in my final mark for my grade 10 RCM exam?

Because I REALLY want to go onto ARCT but I can't re-do my whole grade 10 RCM piano exam because of money issues.

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  • Tony
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    10 years ago
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    Yes, they're called supplemental examinations. Candidates may do up to 2 supplemental examinations. They are around 110-20 dollars each. Candidates must score above 65% OVERALL and 70% in the Repertoire section in order to be eligible. Candidates must finish all supplemental examinations within a 2-year period.

    For piano candidates, you may redo:

    - sight reading

    - ear tests

    - technical requirements (this includes the technical tests, AND studies), not allowed to do just do technical tests only, must be done WITH studies

    So yes, you can do these exams to improve your original mark.

    Good luck!

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