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Farts... farting.............release?

Have you ever had gas that was "stuck" and shook yourself, jumped up and down, bent over and did anything to let it lose.... Then finally when it was set free it was 10x more powerful and long than you could have ever imagined.... and finally... you were actually embarrassed by how much you enjoyed the release.... I'm serious... Anyone else out there have those... ever?


OK, I can understand not having the exact same experience, but "farting" is something we all do... actually, if you don't do it you die.. women that don't believe they do it, actually release in their sleep. It is methane, without release you die.

Update 2:

O come on... never had painful gas that finally released and you were happier than you thought at the end... come on... be honest!

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    no. never.

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    No. Ew

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