how can i get to lavender town in pokemon yellow?

how can i get to lavender town in pokemon yellow?i need the poke flute, and i dont have surf for pokemon so im kinda stuck :L/ any help,right now im in vermiliton city? best answer 10 points!

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    You have to go though the rock tunnel and you will end up in lavender.

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  • Kirby
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    Oi vay the other answers where just terrible...

    Really this is what you must do in Vermillion to get to Lavendar town.

    0. Go to Bill's house and get the pass to go on the SS. Anne

    1. Go on the SS. Anne

    2. Beat Gary

    3. Get cut from the captain

    4. Beat the gym leader in that town

    5. Get 10 pokemon caught

    6. Go up through diglets cave

    7. On the other side there is a building (not the house a little more south) with a Aid in there. He gives you flash.

    8. Teach it to a pokemon

    9. Go back to Curelean and to the east there is a tree cut it down and continue

    10. Go in the rock tunnel

    11. When you come out lavendar town is right there

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    Kirby is absolutely right. Though, he might add that you actually have to go through Rock Tunnel, not just go in and come out again.

    Turtlevorobets is basically correct, but the other answers ARE absolutely terrible. Kayleigh is talking about things that don't even exist in Pokemon Yellow.

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    Go through rock tunnel and if u have these TMS fly and flash teach those to your Pokemon that r able to learn them use flash in rock tunnel it's dark in there and look 4 helpful item balls that hold items like star dust, Moon stone i think, and Potions and TMS for your Pokemon hope this helps

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    go threw rock tunneland remember you should get an execote and teach it flash and then you can see.

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    It's called a walk through.

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    its called walkthroughs

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