Marquee Weddings...things to think about?

I am considering having a marquee in a field for our wedding, and I'm just looking for a bit of advice... I love the idea of having a marquee with loads of bunting and DIY decorations and a BBQ with a real laidback feel to it - I feel this would suit me and my fiance a lot more than a posh venue with expensive flowers and a sit down meal. We are lucky enough to have a family friend who has a gorgeous house out in the country with a field that she owns at the back of her house, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to put up a marquee there, the views are stunning!

I'm just not sure what I need to think about and if it would really work out all that cheaper than a venue by the time we've factored in the costs of hiring the marquee, toilets, generators to give us power etc etc. Also, given our unpredictable British weather I'm also scared it will bucket it down and be miserable (although it will be August).

Has anyone had a marquee wedding, and how did you overcome any problems such as licenses to have alcohol, electricity, weather etc? And did it work out cheaper doing it this way?

Cheers =)

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  • 9 years ago
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    your major problem is going to be overcoming british law. the current situation there is that the place where you get married must be licensed by the british government to conduct weddings. i don't think your friend's beautiful yard would be considered legal, although you can certainly check to see what your friend would need to do to have her property licensed to conduct a wedding on it.

    however, even if you are not able to overcome that problem, there are many venues in england which are already licensed where they have stunning views and already have marquees set up for weddings so you could still have that type of wedding if that is what your heart desires.

  • Cala
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    9 years ago

    I went to an Anniversary party in a "heated" Marquee and it was so cold that almost all the guests had left by 9.30!! The marquee company had provided a heater that was too hot to sit near but only warmed a 10 foot radius. And the ground outside got muddy because of the number of people traipsing across it to go to the loo. It was all a bit of a disaster really - all because of the weather.

  • 9 years ago

    you can still have a plated dinner and flowers under a tent! I've seen tents with chandeliers for pete's sake, and they were very elegant and beautiful.

    tents can be VERY expensive to rent, but if you're not paying a fee to your friend to use their land, then that cuts the cost a good bit. maybe then you can afford to hire a caterer. then you don't have to worry about health codes for serving food and the liquor licenses and such. but you're right, the weather could be a factor so make sure you get a large sturdy tent and that it has flaps on the sides that can be open or closed.

  • Ivor
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    9 years ago

    Marquees are expensive. You can hire independent fully licensed bars and serve a buffet style wedding breakfast and sparkling wine. You will need to find suitable parking and have good public insurance and protection from damage to the land or property.

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  • 9 years ago

    I could well be wrong but I think you will find that it will work out a lot more expensive than a normal venue my advice for what it is worth is contact some caterers who do this kind of thing they can take care of everything including the drinks license but i wish you luck and hope it all works out for you

  • kuder
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    3 years ago

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