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Which language do you think sounds the most beautiful and the most ugly?

For instance, I think French, and all the Scandinavian languages sound amazingly beautiful. I think my favorite would have to be Icelandic, though. I also think Dutch and German are interesting sounding, not necessarily beautiful, but interesting.

I think the most ugly sounding language is Polish. To me, it just sounds like someone is gargling spit while saying "shshshchshshshchcsh" constantly.

Opinions (:

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    I like the sound of Irish, it has a nice flow to it and it's quite expressive with out any words ending with os if you get my gist also the way of saying things is so different to English, but then it is known as a poetic language. I like the sound of English spoken in some accents but have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the American accents.

    I agree with you about Polish, it sounds quite harsh and I think French, Spanish and Italian sound pretty irritating and kids sound really moany to my ears but then everyone has different tastes.

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    I agree that Scandinavian languages are beautiful, especially Norwegian, it's kind of lyrical.

    I like the Dutch accent but the language is so hard to pick up, I'm having to learn new sounds that would've been best acquired when I was an infant.

    Welsh language grates on my nerves a bit but I don't actively dislike it. I have a much bigger problem with some accents.

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    imho Icelandic is the very most beautiful (sounding) language.

    because of their way of preaspiration of plosives like whispering sometimes and adding the article at the end of the word, the language sounds mythical and epic. I would not be astonished if elves were speaking that language (since in Iceland there /are/ elves, this might be a fact anyway :o) )

    French is very beautiful too, not only because of its sound, but also because of its style of saying things, for example they say:

    "coucher à la belle étoile" (sleep at the beauty of the stars)

    for "to sleep under the open sky"

    how beautiful is that, in German it is also (like in English) "unter freiem Himmel schlafen" that sounds like cold and military.

    I can't think of an ugly sounding language though, imho all languages have their advantages and disatvantages, but in the end a language can't be ugly only the character who uses it.

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    French, Spanish (some accents more than others. Also I don't like how here in the States, the Spanish that I hear is often uneducated or butchered by "native" speakers), German, and Portuguese are my favorites.

    The only language/accent I don't particularly like is American English (including most of the regional accents).

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    Beautiful=Italian <3


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    My opinions!(:<33

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    Most beautiful: Welsh, Irish Gaelic, Latin, Finnish.

    Most ugly: French, Italian, German, Spanish, American English.

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    I like the romance languages. German makes my ears bleed.

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    Italian is Beautiful

    french eh not my favorite..

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    most beautiful - Japanese

    Ugliest - probably Thai

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