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24 It is possible that people with pathologic conditions in the knee may limit knee motion through different muscle co-contraction strategies.41,43 Additional research is required to delineate whether consistent differences in muscle activation patterns exist in people with knee OA or whether there are several strategies that people use to help control the knee in the face of a pathologic condition. Whether one strategy is more detrimental than another remains to be seen and should be further investigated. There are several limitations to the study design that the readers should take into consideration. First, testers were not blinded to group assignment, which may have created bias in recording data. However, the use of the TELOS device to apply uniform stress during the stress radiographs reduced the influence of tester bias for this measure. Testers attempted to provide equivalent verbal encouragement to all subjects equally when testing quadriceps femoris muscle strength. In addition, the discomfort of the superimposed burst was motivation for all subjects to perform to their best ability to avoid repeat testing. During the movement analysis testing, similar instructions were provided to all subjects to walk at a comfortable speed. Custom-written computer algorithms were used to determine data points used in the analysis of kinematics, kinetics, and EMG data to reduce tester bias. Second, the distribution of male and female subjects in the groups was not the same and we did not account for the level of physical activity in the subjects in each group, both of which could have influenced the results. Finally, the subjects all walked faster than has been reported elsewhere,48 and walking speed —although used as a covariate—may have influenced the results.



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    24它是要求描述另外的研究的可能人们以在膝蓋的病理性条件也許通过另外肌肉co收縮strategies.41限制膝蓋行動, 43在肌肉活化作用樣式上的一致的區別是否存在於有膝蓋的OA人或是否有人们使用帮助在一個病理性情况面前控制膝蓋的幾個戰略。 一個戰略是否損傷比另一留待去看見並且應該进一步調查。 有幾個局限對讀者應該考慮到的研究設計。 首先,測試器未被矇蔽編組任務,在錄音數據也許創造了傾斜。 然而,使用TELOS設備申請一致的重音在重音射線照相期間減少了測試器偏心的影響這項措施的。 當測試四頭肌femoris肌肉强度时,測試器試圖平等地提供等效口頭鼓勵給所有主題。 另外,被疊加的爆炸的難受是所有主題的刺激執行對他們的最佳的能力避免重複測試。 在運動分析測試期間,相似的指示提供了給對步行的所有主題以舒適的速度。 Custom-written計算機算法被用于確定用于對動力學、動能學和EMG數據的分析的数据点減少測試器偏心。 其次,男性和女性患者的發行在小組的不是相同的,並且我們沒有占体育活动的水平在主題的在每個小組,其中之二可能影響了結果。 终于,主題比在別處報告了快速地所有走了, 48和走的速度-,雖然使用, a covariate可以影響了結果。



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